Test Prep

Test prep is more than studying the night before a test. It takes time and attention over the course of a semester. Properly preparing for an exam can help curb text anxiety and build confidence.

In-Person Services

 Academic Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a trained peer mentor and discuss topics such as time management, organization, and the study process. Walk away with some practical tools and strategies as well as a greater awareness of helpful resources on campus. Combat those feelings of falling behind or feeling overwhelmed with your academics.
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 Instructor-led Academic Coaching

Meet weekly, one-on-one, with an instructor to work toward your academic goals in an independent study-like format. Designed for first- and second-year students transitioning to college learning, this fee-based program supports your growth in the areas of time management, organization, learning strategies, goal setting, the study process, and self-advocacy.
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 Success Courses

Support your learning by improving your study strategies, habits, and awareness. These zero-credit courses allow you to practice and develop your time management skills, study skills, and academic organization all with the support and feedback of an instructor.
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 Supplemental Instruction

Take a proactive approach to your courses and try an SI session. For those who are enrolled in supported sections of traditionally challenging courses, these biweekly sessions can help increase your understanding of the course material, improve your study skills, and potentially earn a higher grade. Conducted by a peer leader, who had previously completed the course, these structured one hour sessions encourage collaboration to identify what to learn and how to learn it.
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On-Demand Resources


A collection of worksheets is available for download.
Study Tool Kit Handouts


The Academic Success Center offers a series of videos on test prep skills.