Time Management

Time management and organization skills are the hallmarks of academic success. The use of proven strategies such as planners and calendars, weekly schedules, and to-do lists helps students to manage academic responsibilities, build persistence, curb procrastination and ease stress.

In-Person Services

 Academic Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a trained peer mentor and discuss topics such as time management, organization, and the study process. Walk away with some practical tools and strategies as well as a greater awareness of helpful resources on campus. Combat those feelings of falling behind or feeling overwhelmed with your academics.
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 Instructor-led Academic Coaching

Meet weekly, one-on-one, with an instructor to work toward your academic goals in an independent study-like format. Designed for first- and second-year students transitioning to college learning, this fee-based program supports your growth in the areas of time management, organization, learning strategies, goal setting, the study process, and self-advocacy.
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 Success Courses

Support your learning by improving your study strategies, habits, and awareness. These zero-credit courses allow you to practice and develop your time management skills, study skills, and academic organization all with the support and feedback of an instructor.
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