Health Promotion

Health Promotion provides students with health education information, skill development, and opportunities for growth through engaging programming and active outreach efforts.

Through Health Promotion, RIT students are encouraged to take responsibility for health-related behaviors and relationships through actively engaging in wholesome lifestyle choices. Our department provides support for students in a variety of ways, including peer-to-peer interaction, reinforced proactive health messaging, and varied marketing efforts.

Programs and Services

The Health Promotion department offers a variety of educational and engaging programs for students throughout the academic year. Below are our main focus areas in which we seek to encourage and support balanced, healthy lives for all RIT students.

Rooted in harm reduction philosophy, all alcohol and cannabis educational programs provide an opportunity to explore research about these substances and what use looks like. When educating about alcohol we explore ways to consume safely and responsibly. We acknowledge and remind students that the consumption of alcohol is prohibited by RIT Code of Conduct and against NYS law if you are under the age of 21. We also acknowledge and remind students that cannabis is illegal at both the state and federal level and is also against the RIT Code of Conduct.

Impact Feedback – thinking about taking a closer look at your alcohol or cannabis use? Set up an appointment with our Health Promotion Coordinator to start the conversation.

Party PAWS: a realistic take on alcohol and cannabis use.
Party PAWS is a comprehensive education and awareness program created to not only help students better understand alcohol and cannabis use, but also help to make informed and responsible decisions if you choose to consume. 
If you are ever in a situation with alcohol or cannabis, be sure to take a Party PAWS:

  • PAUSE to check in with yourself before consuming more.
  • ASSESS what’s happening - take some time to take it all in.
  • WHY are you choosing to have another? Don't mindlessly consume.
  • SOLVE for the situation. Make an informed decision about what to do next.

Learn more about Party PAWS

Mental Wellness is a state in which an individual realizes their own potential and works to develop and apply coping skills to help manage the normal stresses of life. Examples of mental wellness may include individuals working productively and contributing to their community in a positive way.

Sexual health is an important part of overall health and wellness. Our programming seeks to provide a positive and respectful approach to sex education and sexual relationships. We provide comprehensive information to help students make the most educated and informed decisions regarding their sexual health.

Play It Safe is an online ordering system for RIT students to order cost-free safer sex supplies and have them delivered to one of four convenient drop-off locations. All supplies and orders are free. Options include various barrier methods for protection, lubricants, and more! All kits include additional education and conversation starters to help build skills and confidence when communicating with partners. Order a Play It Safe Kit

Sleep management is using a range of skills and strategies to help increase one's quality of sleep and assist with improved sleep hygiene practices. Sleep management practices that improve overall sleep can help decrease stress, improve grades and study habits, and can help contribute to an overall better mood throughout the day!

Stress is the body's physical and psychological reaction to a situation or any change that requires an adjustment or response. Everyone experiences stress – it’s completely normal. Stress management involves a range of skills and strategies to help better handle stress and difficulties in your life. These skills or strategies can help you to organize your thoughts, give your mind and body the break it may need, and help prepare you to tackle challenges you are facing. Working to manage your stress can help lead you to a more balanced and healthier life.

Wellness Peer Educators

The Wellness Peer Educator program is designed to engage RIT students in peer-to-peer
interactionsOne student wearing a tiger mask and Wellness Peer Educator t-shirt with Apply to be a Wellness Peer Educator text and educational programs related to health and wellness.
These programs and events help students to:

  • Increase awareness of personal choices related to your health
  • Provide education within your social groups
  • Promote prevention of high risk behaviors
  • Decrease stigma related to discussing health topics and seeking resources and support

Are you interested in learning more about being a Wellness Peer Educator?
Contact us at

Student Wellness Ambassador Team

One student wearing a Student Wellness Ambassador t-shirt with Apply to be a Student Wellness Ambassador text

The Student Wellness Ambassador program is designed to connect RIT students through conversations and events related to health and wellness. These conversations and opportunities strengthen the  RIT community's confidence and commitment to practice and adopt health-promoting behaviors. 

 Are you interested in learning more about being a Student Wellness Ambassador? Contact us at

Be on the lookout for the Student Wellness Ambassador Team as they make their rounds throughout campus!

Wellness Collaborative

The Wellness Collaborative provides students with engaging opportunities and programs that support ongoing well-being development. Through educational programs, interactive outreach events, relationship building with professional staff, and peer-to-peer interactions, we seek to proactively support your wellness and well-being.

Check out the Wellness Collaborative Signature Events below to learn more about opportunities where you can learn and apply skills to support your well-being at RIT, and beyond. For more information on the Wellness Collaborative, contact us at

Dogs and more dogs! Did you know, spending just a few minutes with a dog can help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neurochemicals that play large roles in mood, calmness and mental wellbeing.

Bow Wow Wellness is an opportunity to connect with trained therapy dogs, their handlers, and fellow animal-loving students. We know that students often miss their pets when away from home or just need a friendly pick me up during stressful times. Bow Wow Wellness is held once per month in the Fireside Lounge.

 A random act of kindness for YOU! When random acts of kindness are practiced they can help:

  • Increase a sense of positivity and help us be kind to others
  • Enhance the release of oxytocin (the warm and fuzzy feeling hormone)
  • Reduce stress, even just for a couple of minutes

Brighten Your Day Bags are passed out twice per semester in various locations on campus. They are designed to brighten your day - filled with practical items that will bring a smile to your face. A small, kind gesture can turn your whole day around!

Dancing has many benefits, and so does getting together with other students to have a good time! If you decide to dance or just decide to come out and enjoy the music, this Dance in the Dark can help you:

  • Positively increase your mood
  • Meet new people
  • Listen to feel-good songs and have fun!

Dance in the Dark is held in the spring semester and proves you can have a GREAT time, no alcohol or other substances needed!

Did you know, half of all new STIs are in people under 25 years old in the U.S. (CDC, 2020)In fact, many STIs have no symptoms. The only way you can be sure of your status is to Get Yourself Tested. In partnership with the Student Health Center, the Wellness Collaborative offers free STI screening* events each semester.

Looking for more information on sexual health and sexually transmitted infections? You can find everything you need at the Student Health Center on campus. The Student Health Center is a non-judgmental space for confidential screenings of all sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, & Gonorrhea, as well as treatment and prevention of STIs.

*Payment options include insurance, fee for service, or utilization of our grant.

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