Preston Sergent

Managing my academic and personal life overwhelmed me.
Preston Sergent seated at a desk

In high school I had no issues passing my classes, even with minimal effort. At RIT, I quickly found out this wasn’t the case. After multiple all-nighters and failed exams, I realized that something needed to change.

Living with Autism hadn’t affected me much in high school, but now I was responsible for both my academic and personal life. Managing both overwhelmed me to the point where I was seriously considering leaving RIT. I had heard of the Spectrum Support Program (SSP) before but figured that I wouldn’t need their help. After seeing a friend struggle with his issues to the point where he had to drop out, I made the decision to reach out for help.

After my first semester, I began coaching services through the Spectrum Support Program, where we setup a plan to keep my academic and personal life in my control. With access to their resources and guidance, I was able to get back on track and truly reach my potential. After making much-needed changes to my major and personal life, I am confident that I’ll be successful.

Preston Sergent

Spectrum Support Mentor