Vignelli Center for Design Studies

Our Mission

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT is dedicated to design excellence through education, advocacy, preservation, collaboration, public good and globalism.


Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of design education at RIT and beyond


The Vignelli archive is a central resource of exemplars which signify design excellence in its many forms


Through extending the Vignelli legacy we are in a unique position to publicly support quality design


We extend our influence through programming with partners who share our goals


Our influence extends to a worldwide audience

Public Good

Our programming outcomes are focused on contributing positive effects on the man-made environment


The Vignelli Center for Design Studies holds over 40 different design collections.


Over 500 research questions have been answered using the archives at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies


Over 4000 designers, students, scholars and fans have used the archives at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies.

Josh Owen, Director of the Vignelli Center

Meet Josh Owen
Director of the Vignelli Center

"The Vignellis 'Design is one' philosophy leaves us with a universal message that design is a lens through which we can envision a more inclusive tomorrow.”  Learn More

Jennifer Whitlock, Archivist

Meet Jennifer Whitlock
Archivist of the Vignelli Center

As a self-proclaimed “design preserver,” Jennifer works to promote archives to designers and design to archivists.  Learn More

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Ten Year Anniversary 
Vignelli Center for Design Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology

The Vignelli Center is celebrating its first 10 years with special programming throughout 2020.

Metaproject 10

In celebration of their 10-year anniversaries, the 2019-20 iteration of the Metaproject Industrial Design studio, which annually pairs students with industry partners, featured a collaboration with the Vignelli Center.

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V10 Slideshow

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies' special 10th anniversary programming includes a slideshow honoring the Vignellis' legacy and impact on RIT, their campus visits and the first 10 years of the center.

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The Vignelli Canon

Massimo Vignelli allows us a glimpse of his understanding of good design in this book, its rules and criteria.

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Designed by: Lella Vignelli

To celebrate 50 years of their partnership, Massimo Vignelli published a book of the work of his partner and wife, Lella.

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Latest News

  • July 20, 2021

    A male student stands next to sign.

    RIT student helps Vignelli Center gallery create a virtual presence

    Jacob Irizarry, a fourth-year 3D digital design student from Skokie, Ill., has been managing a new project at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies using the 3D digital design skills gained from his major to create a virtual presence for the gallery in the center.

  • June 17, 2021

    Tiree Walker shows sketches of his The New Statue design to archivist Ella von Holtum.

    Student design added to RIT Archives

    Tiree Walker '21 (Industrial Design) created a pedestal that collects suggestions from the community that drive informed discussion and decisions on monument construction. His process work will be preserved and studied by future generations.

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