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The Vignelli Center for Design Studies is a hub of research, education, and creative inspiration that houses over 750,000 artifacts across all fields of design. Iconic works by Lella and Massimo Vignelli are featured at the heart of our collection and their legacy forms the foundation of design excellence and innovation that the Vignelli Center celebrates today.


The Vignelli Center for Design Studies fosters education and preservation, and advocates for design to improve the world.



The archive collections housed in the Vignelli Center for Design Studies demonstrate and inspire solutions to key and ubiquitous societal needs. By providing opportunities for varied programming for diverse audiences, the Center extends the value of design for positive impact on the future.








Public Good
Global Reach

Josh Owen, Director of the Vignelli Center


Josh Owen
Director, The Vignelli Center

Jennifer Whitlock, Archivist


Jennifer Whitlock
Archivist, The Vignelli Center

Activating The Archives

Staff, students, and faculty linked to the Vignelli Center are committed to the collection, preservation, and accessibility of the artifacts and inspirational opportunities that the Vignelli Center fosters.

For information or questions about the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, please contact Josh Owen, Director of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, at josh.owen@rit.edu or Jennifer Whitlock, Archivist, at jennifer.whitlock@rit.edu.

Vignelli Planning Group


Katharine Bassney
Director of Advancement, CAD and CLA


Enid Cardinal
Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Planning and Sustainability


Twyla Cummings
Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Education


Julius Chiavaroli
Professor, GIS


Keli DiRisio
Assistant Professor, CAD

Mary Golden

Mary Golden
Assistant Professor, CAD


James Hall
Dean of University Studies and Executive Director SOIS


Joyce Hertzson
Professor, CAD


Ella Von Holtum
Assistant Archivist, The Wallace Center


Jonathan Hopkins.


Elizabeth Lamark
University Photographer


R Roger Remmington
Vignelli Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Design


Kin Sejpal
Associate Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Creative Services


Leslie Wilson
Associate Director of Advancement, CAD and CLA

Laura Woodrow

Laura Woodrow
Graduate Student, VCDE

Ben McLauchlin

Ben McLauchlin
Graduate Student, VCDE



Manuella Campanelli
Professor, College of Science



Shani Avni
Ismar David Visiting Assistant Curator



Juliee Decker
Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts



Stan Rickel
Associate Professor, CAD



Maddy Schoenfeld
MBA Student



Mary McLoughlin
Graduate Student, Industrial Design


Want to Get Involved?

The Vignelli Center Planning Group is open to RIT staff, students, and faculty who wish to help design, critique, and connect new and existing initiatives at the Vignelli Center.


Open Houses

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies Open Houses series will welcome RIT
and the community to the Center and Archives in six dedicated multi-day events over the course of the year.

Open Houses will be scheduled three times each academic semester, lasting for two
to three days each time. Classes, individuals, and groups will have the opportunity to experience and study the galleries and special artifact displays with guidance from the Director, Archivist and associates of the Center.

Fall 2022

10:00am – 4:00pm 

September 6–8

Vignelli Overview

October 12–13

2D design [includes Vignelli + Special Collection highlights]

November 9–10

3D design [includes Vignelli + Special Collection highlights]


Spring 2022

10:00am – 4:00pm 

January 25–26
February 22–23
March 22–23


Benetton Gallery


Benetton Galleries

Highlights from the design archives of Massimo and Lella Vignelli are on view at the Vignelli Center in the two-story Benetton Galleries. The galleries are free and open to the public. Access is through RIT’s University Gallery.

Please visit their website or contact by phone (585) 475-2866 or email universitygallery@rit.edu for gallery hours.


General Inquiries

For general inquiries related to the Vignelli Center or to arrange a meeting with the Director, contact Josh Owen at josh.owen@rit.edu.

Archive Inquiries

For questions about the archives or to schedule a research visit, contact Jennifer Whitlock at jennifer.whitlock@rit.edu.



The Vignelli Center for Design Studies is located on the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus, adjacent to the University Gallery in Booth Hall (building 7A).

Visitors should enter the RIT campus via the main entrance on Jefferson Road and proceed to the Welcome Center to request a visitor’s parking pass, directions to the Vignelli Center, and the location of visitor parking.

Hours of Operation

The galleries are free and open to the public. Access is through RIT’s University Gallery.

Please visit their website or contact by phone (585) 475-2866 or email universitygallery@rit.edu for gallery hours.

Is there a Gift Shop?

Yes! ShopOne sells Vignelli products. ShopOne is located in the Global Village next to the Post Office.

When are Events Announced?

Events are announced at the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

How do I join an online event?

Click on the Event listed on the Vignelli Center Events Page. Next, click the button that says "Register Now."

Please note that online events are open to current RIT students, faculty, staff, and Friends of the Vignelli Center.

Online events are archived on the Vignelli Center YouTube Page for public consumption a week or so after they occur.

How do I join the Metaproject?

The Metaproject is a course available to current RIT students.

Students can register for the course through SIS. 


The Vignelli Legacy

The Vignellis' story of tenacity, precision, and brilliance spans many decades, nations, and media.