Marcel Wanders: Knotted Chair

a close up of the Knotted Chair

The iconic Knotted Chair produced by Droog has joined Product Timecapsule.

The Knotted Chair became an iconic piece of design, fusing high-tech materials with low-tech production methods. The rope is constructed of aramid and carbon fibers, which are knotted into the shape of the chair. The product is then impregnated with epoxy resin and hung in a frame to dry.

“The chair is important to me because it became such an icon of who I am. Vidal Sassoon said you only have one chance to make a first impression, and this chair was that for me. We were investigating what could be done with carbon fibers and people normally use that material as if it’s a sheet for bending. I thought ‘no, no, it’s a fiber, a textile, so I have to make a textile design.’ So I didn’t start with sheets, I started with fibers and just made knots. Design doesn’t need to be dead perfect. It can have the imperfection of the human hand and the soul of its maker inside. It can have its own decorative quality and doesn’t have to be minimalist. It can be feminine in its handwriting. All these things came together in the Knotted Chair.” — Marcel Wanders in Disegno Daily.