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Returned study abroad students have the opportunity to be featured at the online Virtual Global Learning Symposium during International Education Week in November.

Join us as a featured student!
The Global Learning Symposium takes place each year in the Fall - this year presentations will be shared virtually on the RIT Education Abroad website - an online exhibition of academic accomplishments from your study abroad experience. Share a class project/assignment, internship, research or volunteer experiences with faculty, students and the RIT campus community.

View 2021 Symposium Presentations

Benefits of being a featured student:

  • Opportunity to educate others about your experience
  • Opportunity to reflect on your experience
  • Networking Professional experience to be included on your resume or graduate school applications
  • Recognition for your academic achievements

Virtual Presentations can include:

  • Results of an in-depth classroom project (share a project you completed for one of your classes abroad)
  • Research findings (if applicable)
  • Portfolio/display of creative work
  • Cross cultural comparison of your major/field
  • Work accomplished at an internship or impact of volunteer work

Virtual Presentation methods can include:

Please remember that your presentation must have an academic component, it is not just an overview of your study abroad experience in general.

Past topics have included:

  • How Do Service Expectations in Dubai Differ from the U.S.?
  • Age and Education in Sweden vs. the U.S.
  • Plastic Bottle Upcycling in Nicaragua
  • Dublin Cycleway Design
  • Shortage of Healthcare Workers in Botswana
  • Edge of the Outback Photography Portfolio

Email Michelle Fitz ( for information on submitting a project.

Presentation Tips

  • Your presentation should have an academic or work focus (i.e. a class assignment/project you completed or something  you learned from your experience about your field of study).
  • Your presentation should be visually appealing and informative and easy to follow.
  • The goals in presenting your topic should be to provide a clear overview of your project in a concise amount of time (3-5 min. video)

 Questions? Email Michelle Fitz at