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Will I need to receive the COVID-19 vaccination prior to studying abroad?
All faculty, staff, students and others participating in RIT study abroad/international travel must be fully vaccinated against COVID or have a valid RIT exemption. 

If you have a valid RIT exemption to the vaccination requirement please be advised that your ability to participate in RIT study abroad/international travel will be subject to any requirements imposed by a host country. RIT may be able to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with a valid RIT exemption, provided that they do not alter the nature of the educational experience for others participating in RIT study abroad/international travel, but it cannot change host country COVID requirements.

Please visit the RIT COVID-19 Vaccination Information website for more information.

Will I get a refund if my affiliate study abroad program is canceled BEFORE I depart?
The ability to receive a refund depends on the cancellation policy of the affiliate provider, so it is highly recommended that students review the cancellation policy of their affiliate provider before making any financial commitments.  Many affiliate providers are being more flexible during these uncertain times. However, expenses paid out of pocket, such as airfare, will not be eligible for a refund. We recommend that you wait to purchase airline tickets until it's confirmed that your program will run. We also highly recommend purchasing refundable airline tickets.

Will I get a refund if my affiliate study abroad program is modified or canceled AFTER I depart?
Our affiliate providers will do their best to refund housing and other program fees, but refund amounts will depend on the amount of expenses they are able to recover that haven’t been spent on your behalf. If classes have already started in country, most likely the classes will continue in an online format, so there would likely not be a tuition refund since you will be able to complete coursework in a modified format. Any refunds may take up to 2-3 months to post to your account.

What if I get sick while abroad?
If you are feeling ill while abroad, inform your on-site coordinator immediately.  

Several program providers include overseas health insurance as part of the program fee for the program.  You can use this health insurance if you get sick while you are abroad.

Students who attend study abroad programs through Budapest Semester in Mathematics, SRISA, SEA Semester, Siena or School for Field Studies will be provided international health insurance through RIT, not their study abroad affiliate provider.  RIT’s international health insurance provider is On Call.  On Call may provide assistance for finding local medical providers, coordination of illness/medical issues (including translation services if needed), coverage for medical care, doctor/hospital visits, and emergency evacuation due to accident, illness or safety reasons.

How will I fulfill my academic requirements if my affiliate study abroad program is canceled BEFORE it starts?
If your study abroad program is cancelled before it begins, you will not be able to fulfill your academic requirements as part of the study abroad program.  It is recommended that you have a backup plan, such as taking classes at RIT, to complete your academic requirements.

What happens with my coursework if my affiliate study abroad program is modified or canceled AFTER it already started?
RIT and your affiliate provider will do everything we can to make sure that you can complete your coursework that you started as part of your study abroad program. This will likely include a modification to your current coursework method (such as switching to online coursework) so that all assignments can be completed remotely.

Who should I contact about how COVID-19 is affecting my affiliate study abroad program?
Email Roseanne DiFlorio, Study Abroad Advisor, at or call 585-475-4466


Roseanne DiFlorio