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RIT Global

The following are cost estimates based on rates published for AY18 -19. These estimated costs may vary based on student housing placement, student preferences, and meal plan selection. Note that all options may not be available, particularly housing options in the fall semester. All costs listed in the tables below are required for every student selected for this program. The textbook and miscellaneous costs are dependent on RIT course requirements, and personal spending decisions made by you.

Spring Semester (2185) Cost Estimates:

Expenses paid by you to RIT

Option 1- Global Village (GV)

Option 2- RIT Inn

Double occupancy with kitchen $4,637

Double occupancy room $3,799

RIT food costs $1,400

Tiger5 Meal Plan (purchase of a meal plan is mandatory at the RIT Inn) $2,724

RIT student health and activity fee $292

RIT student health and activity fee $292

Insurance** $1,074

Insurance** $1,074

RIT program fee* $300

RIT program fee* $300

Total paid to RIT: $7,703

Total paid to RIT: $8,189


Other expenses associated with the program



Visa application fee (where applicable. Visa estimate costs vary by country)


Vaccinations (dependent on student vaccination history/records)


Course textbooks (estimate)




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