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This program is a semester-long course on the Galapagos Islands that is followed by a two-week excursion to the islands. In class, you will learn about the volcanic origin of the islands, and about the unique animals and plants that live there.

You will see how this combination of geology and wildlife served as a key inspiration for Darwin's theory of evolution and will also learn about the human history of the Galapagos, and about the difficulty of balancing science and conservation with human needs such as fishing, farming, and tourism. In the Galapagos, you will travel to visitor sites on several islands to observe the geology and wildlife first hand.

There will also be snorkeling excursions where you will be in the water with sea lions, sea turtles, and if lucky, penguins and marine iguanas. Galapagos wildlife has evolved in the absence of man and the animals, therefore, are totally unafraid and can be approached closely. Accordingly, the opportunities for nature photography are endless. The trip will also include a tour of Quito, Ecuador's capitol in the Andes, and an excursion to the equator.

Application deadline for the spring/summer 2020 program has been reached. Contact the faculty director ( to inquire about next year's program.

Galapagos Islands
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Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science
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RIT Students Only

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