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Croatian Culture: Arts, Media & Technology Dubrovnik Croatia

Croatian Culture: Arts, Media & Technology


Dates of the trip: June 20 – July 15, 2016

Application deadline: February 6, 2016



  • Earn up to 6 credits in 4 weeks
  • Study in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and around the Balkans with RIT faculty and students
  • Open to all students, any major, any year
  • Field trips throughout Croatia and to other countries in the Balkan region



Imag(in)ing the City: Dubrovnik and Urban Spaces of the Balkans

FNRT 377 - 3 credits

Instructor: Jessica Lieberman


Counts for Gen Ed, honors credits and immersions and minors in Visual Culture and Urban Studies.


This Visual Culture elective examines the ways in which culture, social trends, governance, and histories interact in the production of the visual experience. We will approach the city of Dubrovnik and its various urban spatial forms as image experiences. We will wander the well-traveled paths of the historical and the modern districts, the tourist and the residential, interrogating many of both their cultural treasures and quiet embarrassments. In addition to daily field trips and longer trips to neighboring cities such as Cayat, Split, Budva, Mostar, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Zagreb, we will be reading from literature and cultural studies, as well as viewing films, advertisements and websites, with possible trips to the theater or soccer game in the evenings. Students will keep a regular blog/vlog/website journal and will produce an independent, term-length project.



Free & Open Source Culture

ENGL 450 - 3 credits

Instructor: Amit Ray


Counts for Gen Ed, honors credits, immersions and minors in Literary and Cultural Studies, Free and Open Source Culture, Digital Literature and Comparative Media and Text and Code.


This course will examine Free and Open Source Culture both in theory, and in practice. We will explore how open access software models and licenses have extended to other areas of practice, affecting law, politics, business and art. Drawing on the pioneering work of software developers, we will explore how open access software models and licenses have extended to other areas of practice, affecting law, politics, business and art. Europe has been central to the global free culture movement as it aligns with many of the aims of EU integration. The course will include expeditionary ventures to Balkan hacker and maker spaces in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Llubliana.


For more information contact faculty director, Jessica Lieberman at

Click here for a detailed brochure.

Terms: Summer

21st Century City Shanghai China

In the last century Shanghai has experienced exponential growth from its origins as a colonial trading hub to a bustling international metropolis and global financial center.  Our Shanghai: 21st Century City program examines this process of rapid urbanization, China's encounter with the world, energy and water issues, and green technology initiatives in this dynamic Asian megalopolis.

Students may enroll for a semester, summer, or academic year, or a combination of a semester and summer term. Students are encouraged to consider spending their second term in China in a different Alliance program to deepen their knowledge of China's regional diversity.

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Summer

A.U.K Summer Program - Post Conflict Transformation Pristina Kosovo

Expand your understanding of global issues, exchange ideas with new friends from around the world, explore age old issues of war and peace, tour historic sites in the scenic Balkans -do all this and more at the Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Transformation Summer Program at A.U.K., RIT's partner university in Kosovo.

Our 5 week package consist of 2, 3-credit hour RIT courses and a choice of two trips: to either Montenegro, Bosnia, and Serbia or Albania, Greece and Macedonia.

For more information click here to download a brochure.

Terms: Summer

Accelerated Chinese Language Shanghai China

Come apply and advance your Mandarin language skills in one of the most dynamic, rapidly developing cities on earth. Whether you're a first- or fifth-year student of the language, you'll have access to intensive, daily Chinese coursework and one-on-one classes that address your individual needs.

Coupling that classwork with structured peer tutorials and language clinics, cultural activities and volunteer opportunities, CIEE study abroad in Shanghai provides you with an exciting and truly immersive international experience.

Study abroad in Shanghai and you will:

  • Enroll in area studies courses related to business, international relations, political science, history, and other aspects of Chinese culture and society taught in English or Chinese
  • Learn outside the classroom through weekend and weeklong excursions "off the tourist track," and practice Chinese in authentic situations
  • Live with a Chinese host family or on campus with a Chinese roommate. 

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Advanced Chinese Studies Beijing China

Are you interested in a rigorous and truly immersive cultural experience? Whether you want to study international affairs, business, history, or Chinese literature, the Advanced Chinese Studies program provides support for superior level language students interested in taking coursework, entirely in Mandarin, alongside Chinese peers.

CIEE study abroad in Beijing gives you the opportunity to enroll directly in one academic department or school at Peking University; attend weekly tutorials with Chinese peer tutors; take a core course focusing on using Chinese in a professional context; choose optional homestays and student dormitory housing near the university, and even conduct individual research.

Study abroad in Beijing and you will:

  • Directly enroll in specific departments or schools of the prestigious Peking University, including the School of International Studies and the Guanghua School of Management and schools of science, engineering, economics, and mathematics Chinese linguistics, literature and others.
  • Advance your Chinese to a professional level with one-on-one tutorials and Chinese language meals with tutors and staff
  • Participate in meaningful, topic-oriented cultural activities and lectures in Beijing as well as extended weekend trips that focus on specific topics of interest around China. 

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Terms: Fall, Spring; Academic Year

Advanced Liberal Arts Brussels Belgium

Looking to put your upper-level French language skills to use? Intrigued by the challenge of direct matriculation within a European university? Come immerse yourself in Brussels.
Study abroad in Brussels and you have the opportunity to enroll in a European university, taking classes in French; gain insight into Belgium and Brussels' unique political, cultural, and linguistic situation in Europe; and dramatically improve your French language skills.

And with student mentors, internships opportunities, and cultural activities and excursions, studying abroad in Brussels gives you a truly unique and absorbing international experience.

In Brussels you will:

  • Enroll in French-taught courses in humanities, take classes with Belgian and other European students, and join a university club
  • Integrate into the university environment with the help of student mentors
  • Participate in field trips to EU institutions, excursions within Belgium and to France, the Netherlands, and Germany
  • Visit places such as the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, NATO, and the Museum of Fine Arts

Credit: 15 semester


  • Overall GPA 2.75
  • 6 semesters college-level French or equivalent

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Advanced Liberal Arts Barcelona Spain

If you're an advanced level Spanish student ready to immerse yourself in the culture of a vibrant metropolis and develop fluency through direct enrollment in a Spanish university, Barcelona awaits.
Study abroad in Spain and live the language by studying alongside Spanish classmates, living with a local family, and exploring the city and country through a variety of cultural activities and excursions.Study abroad in Barcelona and discover a unique, fully immersive intercultural experience.

Study abroad in Barcelona and you will:

  • Immerse yourself in Spanish academic culture by enrolling in regular University classes in a wide range of disciplines, from Spanish language and literature to geography, international relations, and political science
  • Participate in cultural and educational activities, including lectures and visits to museums; explore Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain through excursions
  • Enjoy trips through the city with CIEE Guardian Angels, who help you feel at home; receive help from tutors; take non-credit classes in Spanish cooking

Credit: 15-18 semester


  • Overall GPA 3.0
  • 6 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Advanced Liberal Arts Seville Spain

Achieve fluency in spoken and written Spanish while pursuing a wide variety of coursework in the Capital of Andalusia.

Through direct enrollment in the Universidad de Sevilla, independent study options, homestays, a conversation exchange program, and volunteer opportunities, CIEE study abroad in Seville offers you a challenging, uniquely immersive academic and intercultural experience.

Study abroad in Seville and you will:

  • Enroll in regular university courses-ideal for meeting Spanish students and improving your language skills; take classes in disciplines ranging from history and languages to anthropology and Arabic studies
  • Explore sites of cultural importance through weekly cultural activities and excursions
  • Fine-tune your language skills through the CIEE writing center and tutorials, Tertulia lecture series, personal development workshops, a conversation exchange, and volunteer opportunities
  • Live in a homestay, residencia, or shared apartments and maximize your cultural and linguistic integration

Credit: 15-17 semester


  • 3.0 GPA in Spanish language
  • 6 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

American University in Kosovo (A.U.K.) - Direct Enroll Pristina Kosovo

Study abroad to the American University in Kosovo (A.U.K.) located in South-East-Europe. A.U.K. is a partner university of RIT. Students earn RIT credit while studying at A.U.K. All courses are taught in English. Students can complete liberal arts and general education electives.

For more information see

To apply contact

Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer, Academic Year

American University of Paris Paris France

Founded in 1962, The American University of Paris (AUP) is one of the oldest American institutions of higher learning in Europe offering a fully US-accredited liberal arts curriculum. Courses are exciting, relevant, and incorporate the city of Paris into the learning experience: students learn in its museums, paint in its streets, study the multi-ethnic world of contemporary French life and immerse themselves in European culture.

As an international university courses are taught in English and some are also offered in French. AUP's curriculum is discipline based, comparative, and cross-cultural. Both student learning and faculty research are driven by a desire for excellence, shaped by AUP's location and its demographic diversity, and directed towards critical twenty-first-century issues. AUP offers an innovative academic model, integrating classroom learning and hands-on experience that prepares students to master and to make, to reflect and to apply, to analyze and to act.

AUP is an urban institution, and its campus is composed of 8 buildings centrally located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris on the Left Bank, near the Eiffel Tower and the river Seine. The student body is composed of over 100 nationalities and visiting students make up 10%, while degree seeking students comprise 90%. The American University of Paris is accredited in the United States by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • AUP faculty members represent approximately 20 nationalities
  • 15 students per full-time faculty professor
  • 1,000 students representing around 100 nationalities

SAI offers semester and summer programs at AUP.   

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer

Apicius-Culinary, Wine, Baking and Hospitality Florence Italy

In one of the most revered hospitality and culinary capitals of the world, the art of Italian cuisine is mastered at Apicius. Whether exploring Italian cooking for the first time or reacquainting yourself with its honored traditions, Apicius offers an expansive offering of courses, ranging from beginning to specialized courses for trained chefs and hospitality majors. Programs in Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Wine Studies and Enology, Baking and Pastry are offered at Apicius. Advanced students may participate in internships applicable to their area of study.

The school is located in the historic center of Florence, offering students the opportunity to live in the heart of this bustling Renaissance city while experiencing modern Florentine life. Student accommodations are within walking distance of school facilities. Apicius operates its own teaching restaurant, open to the public, offering delicious food while providing students with hands-on experience.

Beginning with the Fall 2012 semester students interested in the Free Elective offered by Apicius will now apply through Florence University of the Arts (FUA). Apicius International School of Hospitality has recently been fully integrated into Florence University of the Arts. Apicius will be a school within FUA. Courses, already cross-listed between Apicius and Florence University of the Arts, will continue to be available to hospitality and non-hospitality students. Culinary courses will continue to have appropriate prerequisites. One and Two-Year Certificate programs will continue to be offered by Apicius, in the areas of Wine, Culinary Arts and Hospitality.The same exceptional Apicius coursework in wine and culinary arts will continue to be offered by FUA at the Apicius professional kitchen classrooms and labs.

For Florence University of the Arts schedules and course offering please click here.

Florence University of the Arts is accredited with the Region of Tuscany, delegated by the Ministry of Education, (Accreditation n. FI 0229). SAI students receive U.S. credit for courses at FUA through the U.S. School of record: University of South Florida.

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Summer

Arabic Language Amman Jordan

Come discover Jordan and advance your Arabic language skills in an environment of complete cultural and linguistic immersion.

In Amman, you'll find challenging coursework - led by dedicated, native speaking faculty - which allows highly-focused students with an advanced background in Modern Standard Arabic to achieve high levels of proficiency in reading, writing, and oral comprehension. And with homestays, peer language tutors, volunteer opportunities, and cultural activities and excursions, you'll enjoy a unique and truly immersive intercultural experience in Jordanian.

Study abroad in Jordan and you will:

  • Develop high levels of proficiency in Arabic language
  • Enroll in Arabic language subject courses on history, culture, literature, media, and business communication
  • Work with a faculty mentor and develop Arabic writing skills through an advanced writing and research course
  • Visit museums, theaters, and galleries, take day excursions to famous archaeological sites, and an overnight trip to Petra
  • Innovative mid-semester Arabic language rural retreat

Credit: 15-18 semester


  • Overall GPA 3.0
  • 3.3 GPA in Modern Standard Arabic
  • 5 semesters of college-level Modern Standard Arabic or equivalent
  • Ability to pass an on-site proficiency exam targeting mastery of the concepts covered in the Al-Kitaab series through the second book in the series and oral proficiency at the intermediate mid to intermediate hi level on the ACTFL scale.


  • Completion of Al-Kitaab II (minimum). Students using other curriculum should inquire with CIEE during the application process.
  • Intermediate-Mid or above on Oral Proficiency Interview. CIEE staff will conduct Skype interviews during the application process.

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Arcadia Australia January Term The Power of Australian Summer: Integrating Sport, Culture and Society Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra Australia

This exciting three-week opportunity takes place in January, during summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Students arrive several weeks prior to the commencement of Semester One in Australia, and may take this program as a stand-alone or in addition to their spring study abroad experience in Australia.

This is a unique and ideal opportunity to travel and study in three major Australian cities while gaining a deeper understanding of Australian culture through sport. View a full program syllabus here.

The course is structured as a series of lectures, field visits, guest speakers and activities. Students will reflect on the experience in a journal, an oral presentation, and an academic paper for a total of 3 credits.

Topics will include: sport in pre-colonial Australia; sport and recreation in Australia as forms of social education; elite sport versus sport for all; violence and gender issues; The World Cup, the Commonwealth and Olympic Games and the globalization and commodification of sport; sport and the construction of regional and national identity; emerging trends in Australian recreation; sport and the media.  

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Terms: Intercession

Arcadia in Chile Semester Program Valparaiso Chile

Arcadia in Chile was established in direct collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (PUCV). Founded in 1928, with a tradition of academic excellence, PUCV now serves over 14,000 students and is one of the most dynamic and international universities in Latin America.

The program offers the opportunity to combine academic coursework with community engagement, either in an intensive service learning course or in a volunteer capacity. All students will take classes in Spanish language and Chilean culture, and electives in English. Course eligibility will be determined by a Spanish placement test at orientation.

Terms: Fall, Spring

Arcadia in Chile Summer Program Valparaiso Chile

The Arcadia University Center for Latin American Studies was established in direct collaboration with the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. Founded in 1928, with a tradition of academic excellence, now serves over 14,000 students and is one of the most forward-looking and international universities in Latin America. Students will have the opportunity to discover what global means in a Latin American and Chilean context, in two courses, one on Globalization and Social Justice and the other as Heritage Narratives. Valparaiso is the classroom, and students will engage in the university and the community, from the university to Valparaiso, Santiago and surrounding areas.

In addition to the central courses, taught in English, students will be involved in a wide variety of co- and extra-curricular activities. Full immersion is enhanced by homestay housing for all students, in addition to a 3-credit Spanish language course.

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Terms: Summer

Arcadia in Cuba Semester Program Havana Cuba

The Arcadia study abroad program in Cuba is a full-immersion program where all courses are taught in Spanish alongside Cuban students. The core course, Cuban-American Relations: Past and Present, is taught by faculty of the Centro de Estudios Hemisf-ricos y sobre Estados Unidos (CEHSEU - Center for Hemispheric and U.S. Studies) at UH, focusing on U.S.-Cuban relations and history. The four-credit course will give you an introduction into the historic and socio-cultural background of your host country and help you understand current developments in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba. Depending on your level of Spanish, you will also be placed in a Spanish language course. In addition to the core course and the language course, you will choose two elective courses from the vast array offered by the University of Havana, in any department of the university.  

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Terms: Fall, Spring

Arcadia in Cuba Summer Program Havana Cuba

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is coming to Cuba to provide students with an exceptional educational and life experience in one of the most unique places in the world. We will join together with the University of Havana to offer U.S. students the opportunity to live and study in Cuba. The Centro de Estudios Hemisf-ricos y sobre Estados Unidos (CEHSEU - Center for Hemispheric and U.S. Studies) at the University of Havana will be our academic home, and students will take classes exclusively designed and taught by faculty from leading departments and centers at the University of Havana. An Arcadia Resident Director and a Cuba Program Director (faculty member) from the University of Havana will assist students to navigate the unique culture and society of Cuba and have the best possible experience.

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Terms: Summer

Arcadia in Granada Granada Spain

Arcadia in Granada is a unique program that allows for a great variety of learning opportunities. You will have the opportunity to enroll in a wide variety of courses ranging from Spanish language and cultural studies, to special courses taught by Arcadia Center Faculty in the area of Environmental Studies.

Excursion to Morocco. Discover Morocco!

For an additional fee, students can spend four days and three nights in Morocco through Morocco Exchange.

Upon arrival at orientation, all students will take a Spanish language placement test at the CLM. Both optional pre-session and regular semester students will receive their own orientation and placement sessions upon arrival. Based on the results of the placement test and taking advantage of the assistance of academic advising staff at the Center, all students will be able to register for classes and determine their final semester course schedule. All students are required to take Spanish language as participants in the Arcadia in Granada Program. Depending on the level you achieve during the placement test at orientation, you will pick the Spanish classes and other electives that are right for you. All students will complete a preliminary course form online prior to departure in order to establish a list of course preferences. Please see the course page for more details on how to select classes on the Passport preliminary course form.

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year

Arcadia in Greece Semester Internships Athens Greece

The Arcadia Center has contact with the following institutions, organizations or professionals for possible placement. This list is not exhaustive. If you wish to pursue an internship in a field not represented here, please contact the Regional Director of Mediterranean Programs, Jan Sanders, to discuss the feasibility of your request.

  • Athens Insider Magazine
  • Doctors of the World
  • Caritas-Hellas
  • The Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece
  • Munting Nayon Community Pre-School
  • Library and Archives of the British School at Athens
  • The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece
  • Institute of International Economic Relations
  • Wiener Laboratory, American School of Classical Studies at Athens


Terms: Fall, Spring

Arcadia in Rome Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies (AUCIS) Rome Italy

The Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies (AUCIS) was established in direct collaboration with one of Rome's most dynamic and innovative universities, Università degli Studi Roma Tre. American students will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with the university and general community. All courses are taught in classrooms of Università degli Studi Roma Tre, and many will have both Arcadia and university students taking them.

The cornerstone of the AUCIS program is the core course, "At Home in Rome: Modern Life in the Eternal City," bringing all students together to learn about Rome, Italy and themselves. All program courses with the exception of this core course and business courses carry 4 semester hours of credit. The core course and business courses are worth 3 credits. In addition, all students enroll in a 4-credit required Italian language component.

Most courses include an embedded capstone project, field trips to relevant sites of interest, and academic activities. View available courses.

In addition to courses at AUCIS, students have the opportunity to take courses at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. Although the majority of the courses are taught in Italian, some are in English. Students have open access to the courses taught in English, and will need to have tested knowledge of Italian (at least a level of Italian equal to the European Framework's level B1) to take the courses taught in Italian. Università degli Studi Roma Tre offers a wide range of courses in many disciplines.  

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Terms: Fall, Spring, Academic Year