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RIT Global

Second Annual
RIT Undergraduate Global Humanities Conference
Post COVID-19 and The Human Spirit
April 19 to April 21, 2022 - Online

The covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges in the ways we organize our lives, interact with people, conduct business, etc. At a deeper level, it has forced us to reevaluate our priorities and what our notion of quality of life is. The impacts of this crisis are many layered, both negative and positive. It offers new opportunities in all areas of life and presents us with many problem-solving situations. It shows clearly the resilience of the human spirit. This conference is focused on exploring how and to what extent the covid-19 crisis has affected the many areas of our lives and the suggestions that were or are to be implemented to resolve such a crisis. This multi-disciplinary conference will convene students from RIT Global campuses and beyond to share their experiences with COVID-19. We invite those with a forward-looking perspective to investigate the opportunities that are likely to present themselves and the challenges to be resolved in the future. The conference invites introspection, where students would be able to share personal stories related to the covid-19 crisis. Personal accounts offer a moment to ponder new perspectives as to how one can personally cope with similar situations.

You can find this year's agenda here.


1.    Your proposal should be no more than 250 words, and should contain your name, email address, school/affiliation, and the topic/title of your presentation.
2.    Your proposal should show how your topic fits the conference theme and what your  audience will gain from your  work relative  to the conference theme. We encourage students to work with their faculty mentors prior to submitting their proposals.

Proposal Due Date 
Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Letter of Acceptance 
If your paper is accepted for presentation, a notification email  will be sent to your registered email address by Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Submit your proposal through this link.

Conference Proceedings
We shall publish selected papers from the conference along with the previous' year's presentations of “RIT Global Humanities Conference Proceedings.” If you wish your paper to be considered, please submit the final paper developed according to APA style to Jude Chudi Okpala or Julie Cecchini by Friday, May 20, 2022.

List of Possible Topics Include
•    Logistics (transportation, physical activities like attending classes, places of worship, places of entertainment, etc.)
•    Discourse (fake news, conflicting reports, circulation of information, conspiracy theories, social media, post-truth, etc.)
•    Social consequences (meeting with people, communication, social distancing, masking, violence, etc.)
•    Psychological consequences (depression, sense of isolation, etc.)
•    Political consequences (International relations, etc.)
•    Economic consequences (loss of employment, poverty, virtual employment, virtual internships, etc.)
•    Health consequences (scarcity of hospitals, limited healthcare, testing, vaccination, mental health, etc.)
•    Technological consequences (Zoom-fatigue, online-learning, new possibilities, etc.)

All inquiries about the conference should be addressed to:
Jude Chudi Okpala -
Julie Cecchini -