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RIT Global

Step 1:

Attend an info session at your home campus or contact your home campus advisor for more information about the program.

Step 2:

Meet with your home campus advisor to discuss the best way to fit the RIT Global Scholars Program in your Plan of Study.

Step 3:

Fill out your profile and application in The Compass by Thursday, October 12 2017 at 11:59PM EST.

Step 4:

Your application will be submitted first to your home campus academic advisor. Once they approve, it will move forward and be submitted to your respective College. This step will take about 4 weeks to complete. Expect to receive an e-mail with the decision no later than Thursday,  November 9 2017.

Step 5:

You have 1 week from the date you receive an acceptance e-mail to confirm your participation in the program.

Step 6:

Once you confirm the International Student Services Office will proceede to issue your I-20 or DS2019. Expect to receive it 3-4 weeks after you confirmed your participation.

Step 7:

You will work with your home campus advisor and your main campus academic advisor to pick the classes that fit into your plan of study. Enrollment for Global Scholars starts on Monday, November 21.

Step 8:

While your I-20 or DS-2019 is getting processed, you will receive communication from the Global Scholars program coordinator regarding the following:

  • How to apply for housing
  • Medical forms that need to be submitted to the Student Health Center
  • Instructions regarding medical insurance
  • Instructions on how to sign up for International Student Orientation
  • Available opportunities for student employment
  • Instructions for your arrival to Rochester

Step 9:

Once your I-20 or DS-2019 has been issued we will e-mail you a digital copy of it so you can confirm tall the information on it is correct. We will then proceed to send it via FedEx to your home campus so you can apply for the F-1 or J-1 student visa at your home US Embassy or Consulate. 

Step 10:

You will notify the Global Scholars program coordinator as soon as your visa is approved. You will then send the coordinator detailed information of your arrival to Rochester.

The Global Scholars staff will continue to assist you with any questions regarding your housing, medical forms, orientation and any other concerns you may have before arrival.

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