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We are Honored to Present the Awardees of the 2017 Graduate Showcase Oral and Poster Presentations.

Oral Presentation Awardees

Anothony Leggiero, KGOE, for Synthesis of Nanometal Interconnected Carbon Conductors through Vapor Deposition
Jim Parrillo, CIAS, for Paleo Journey: An Upper Paleolithic Cave Art Experience
Mohammad Saidur Rahman, GCCIS, for Website Fingerprinting Attack on Tor Using Packets Timing Information
Ryan Ford, COS, for Monitoring Cyanobacteria Blooms Using Satellite Imagery
Jordana O’Brien, COS, for A Mathematical Model of Fluid Flow in Evaporating Colloidal Droplets
Kevin Cooke, COS, for Tracing the Assembly of the Most Massive Galaxies in the Universe
Yashashree Jadhav, COS, for The Quasar E1821+643:A Gravitationally Recoiling Blackhole or Super Wind?
Ranjit R. Desai, GIS, for A Pattern Analysis of Daily Electric Vehicle Charging Profiles: Operational Efficiency and Environmental Impacts
Nicholas Soures, KGCOE, for Spiking Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Mobile Systems
Mandy Nevins, COS, for An Image Restoration Technique for Low Voltage Scanning Electron Mircoscopy
Shehan Jayasekera, KGCOE, for Characterization and Validation of the Programmable Emissions System (PES) for Electronic Cigarette Research
Nuzhet Nihaar Nasir Ahamed, KGCOE, for A New Graphene Quantum Dot Sensor for Estimating an Antibiotic Concentration

Poster Presentation Awardees

In 1st place, Sadeeq Al-khazraji, GCCIS, for Modeling the Distribution of Spatial Reference Points Established in Space by American Sign Language Signers in a Motion Capture
In 2nd  place, Antoinette Defoundoux-Fila, CAST, for Jet Nebulizer Redesign: Airflow Testing and Mass Median Analysis
In 3rd  place, Yahar Seyed Vahedein and Yogesh Karnam, KGCOE, for Advanced Multiscale (3D-1D) Approach for Hemodynamics Simulation of Blood Flow Properties in Human Arterial Network


Date: November 3, 2017

Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Louise Slaughter Hall and Golisano Institute of Sustainability