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Graduate Education Week 

Research 2020: A Vision Into the Future

This event took place November 16 - 20.

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Graduate scholarship at RIT represents an incredibly rich and diverse body of work—research, technological discovery, design, and creativity. Each year the RIT community comes together to celebrate this diversity of thought + practice during Graduate Education Week & Showcase. The Showcase allows students to share their intellectual achievements with the world. Presenters expound on globally impactful discoveries they have made. This year Graduate Education Week went virtual. The week of virtual events included traditional research presentations, posters, group project discussions, demonstrations, and visual arts presentations.

Agenda for the Week


Monday, November 16 - 1pm-2pm

Welcome to RIT Graduate Education Week! (via Zoom webinar)
Janet Lomax, RIT Journalist in Residence

Greetings from:

  • Dr. David Munson, RIT President
  • Dr. Ellen Granberg, Provost and Sr. VP for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Twyla Cummings, Associate Provost/Dean Graduate Education

View Graduate Student Presentations

  • Graduate student presentation videos will be available for viewing through November 20th.

Tuesday, November 17 - 5pm-7:30pm

5:00pm Welcome
Paarth Mehta, Ph.D. Student Engineering
Tharindu Cyril Weerasooriya, Ph.D. Student Computing and Information Sciences

5:05pm Introduction of Moderator and Panel
Emily Wilson, Ph.D. Student, Astrophysical Sciences and Technology

5:10pm Alumni Panel
Moderated by: Dr. Andre Hudson, Head School of Life Sciences, College of Science


  • Cory Cress, PhD 2008 Microsystems Engineering Materials Research Engineer, Naval Research Lab
  • Jennifer Russell, 2018 Ph.D. SustainabilitySustainability and Circular Economy Strategist and Educator, Virginia Tech UniversityAlumni
  • Ricardo R. Figueroa, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Director, Motion Picture Science, Interim Co-Director, School of Film and Animation 

6:25pm Wrap-up and Closing remarks
Sri Charitha Velamuri, MS Student, Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

6:30pm Grad Ed Week Speed Networking Event (via Zoom)
Moderated by: Teresa Symons and Emily Wilson


Wednesday, November 18 - 1pm-3:30pm

State of Research and Interactive Sessions (via Zoom)

1:00pm RIT State of Research
Dr. Ryne Raffaelle, VP Research and Associate Provost

Interactive Sessions

1:15 – 2:15 p.m Oral Presentation Session I
Session Chair: Dr. Cory Merkel,
Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

Student Speakers

  • Kamal Rana 
  • Bryan T. Meyers
  • Adam Giamarese

2:15 – 2:30pm BREAK

2:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Oral Presentation Session II
Session Chair: Dr. Jennifer Schneider, Eugene H. Fram Chair in Applied Critical Thinking
Professor College of Engineering Technology

Student Speakers

  • Teresa Symons
  • Nupur Dogra
  • Jessica Wegman


Wrap-up and closing remarks
Dr. Ryne Raffaelle


Thursday, November 19 - 1pm-3:30pm

Interactive Sessions (via Zoom)

1:00pm Welcome
Dr. Cory Merkel, Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering

1:15pm-2:15p.m.  Poster/Demonstration Session I
Session Chair: Dr. Twyla Cummings, Associate Provost and Dean Graduate Education

Student Speakers

  • Jade Myers
  • Alejandro Elenes
  • Hema Madaka
  • Victoria L. Butler


2:15 – 2:30pm BREAK

2:30pm -3:30 p.m. Poster/Demonstration Session II
Session Chair: Dr. Caroline Easton, Professor Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences and Technology

Student Speakers

  • Wenrong He
  • Eleni N. Gogos
  • Melissa L. Morton
  • John Mansoor


Wrap-up and closing remarks
Dr. Cory Merkel


Friday, November 20 - 1pm-2:30pm

3-Minute Presentations and Visual Exhibition Session (via Zoom)

1:00pm Welcome
Chithira Pugazhenthi
MBA Student, Saunders COB

Introduction of 3-M Presentation Alumni – Sri Charitha Velamuri, Graduate Senator 

Alumni 3-Minute Presentation Speakers from 2019

Pritam Poddar, PhD Student, Engineering

1:30pm -3:30 Visual Exhibition Session
Session Chair: Professor Josh Owen,
Vignelli Center Director/Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design
College of Art and Design

View Complete Visual Exhibition

Best in Show:

Graduate Student Name Program Project
Mingshuo Li Industrial Design MFA Hawk Strike
Robert Stone Photography and Related Media MFA Epilogue to Resonance
Drew Slickmeyer Furniture Design MFA Stool
Rinoi Imada Glass MFA To Be Decayed I
Zhenhua Yu Visual Communication Design MFA Art Comes from Life

Closing remarks
Janet Lomax