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Program Benefits


Early Registration


Honors students register for classes one day earlier than other students in their year-level. This allows students to take Honors courses and still be able to fit other required courses into their schedule.



Free Course Overloads


Honors students can currently enroll in up to 24 credit hours a semester without additional cost.





Honors students have the opportunity to apply for a one-time grant of up to $500 (in aggregate, not each) for study abroad, research, conference attendance and projects.



Honors Advising


The Honors Office and each college have experienced staff and faculty members dedicated to serving as Honors advisors and advocates. They work with students one-on-one, advising them as they develop plans for courses and schedules as well as professional and experiential learning opportunities.





Many of the issues associated with freshmen year are alleviated by the culture of informal mentorship in Honors housing. Living in the Honors hall (Gibson) is so popular that second and third year Honors students often choose to remain in the Honors residence hall.

The Honors Program has defined my RIT experience. Staying up late with fellow Honors students in the lounge playing cards, Honors class field trips, and my friends on Council all contributed to such an awesome time.

Josh Kramer, Computer Engineering 2014

 The Honors Program is full of amazing people - from our wonderful Honors Pre-Orientation Mentors to our dedicated staff, advocates, and representatives - who all work to make the Honors Program special.  Being part of the Honors Program and meeting these people is what has made my RIT experience so fantastic.

Andy DiStasi, Information Technology 2017

Being a part of the Honors Program helped me to find my place on the RIT campus. I have bonded with students and faculty members alike through the programs and opportunities that the Honors program has provided.

Jordan Bailey, Environmental Science 2015