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Honors Research


There are two ways that research can count towards your Honors Program requirements.  First, all students who entered the program after 2017 must complete a research requirement.  Second, you can earn additional points for research once you’ve completed your requirement.  If you entered the program in 2016 or before, you can only earn points for independent research, not through an approved course.


Honors Program Research Requirement:


What is Honors Research?


The Honors Program encourages all Honors students to successfully complete at least one semester of research before graduation. Research is understood broadly to include investigative, exploratory, creative, and innovative works. (Details below.)


Students who entered the RIT Honors Program during or after the 2017-2018 academic year are required to engage in research, but this requirement is flexible so that students and faculty can determine how the student’s work contributes to fulfillment of the research requirement.


Honors Research provides opportunities for honors students to work closely with faculty to determine the nature of their research and to acquire the skills necessary for engagement in more advanced research at RIT or elsewhere. This research can take the form of preparations for theses, capstone projects, and other culminating, senior-level requirements.


Students have the flexibility to either conduct their own exploratory investigation or to work on existing research, under the supervision of RIT faculty. At the end of the semester, students are expected to present their research outcomes at an appropriate forum.



How to Complete Honors Research?

  • Participation in an approved summer research experience.
  • Faculty-sponsored Independent research completed outside of courses (faculty mentors will verify the completion of independent research).
  • Approved courses (Senior theses, senior capstones, senior projects and other culminating works): Students may fulfill the Research Requirement through completion of required coursework in their degree programs. Please click here or a list of currently approved courses that fulfill the Research/Experiential Learning Requirement.
    • Remember, if you entered the program prior to the 2017-18 academic year or starting 2021- 22 academic year, you cannot earn points for an approved research course

Submit all requests to fulfill the Research/Experiential Learning requirement by submitting for points through your status page on the website. Credit for the Research/Experiential Learning Requirement will be awarded upon evaluating the submission at the end of the semester and after grades are posted. 

Honors Research for Points:

  • Students participating in a funded 10-week summer research experience are eligible to receive 3 points.
  • Students enrolled in classes full time are eligible to receive 1 point for every 60 hours of independent research completed outside of their courses (maximum of 3 points per semester). Research completed for academic credit does not count for honors points. This includes research completed in independent studies, non-honors seminars, non-honors courses and other academic coursework.
  • Submit online on your My Status page, being sure to enter your research mentor’s email in the field provided. An email will automatically be sent to your faculty mentor to confirm your activity. If you do not receive a response within 3-4 weeks, please follow up with your faculty mentor to make sure they have sent us a confirmation. 

Zein Haidar presenting his work at the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium