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Contract Courses


What are contract courses?


Contract courses present an opportunity for students to obtain their Honors credit through completing additional work in regular courses. When a student contracts with a professor to take a regular course for Honors credit, the student agrees to complete additional coursework that the professor assigns to the contract student. This additional coursework must be completed in order for the student to earn Honors credit for the course.


Some universities, including RIT, require that the student earn between an A and a B- in the course in order for it to be accepted for Honors credit. In the contract, both the student and professor will agree on the additional coursework before the course commences. If the student does not meet all of the terms listed in the contract, then that student receives course credit only (no Honors credit). However, if the student does meet all of the terms in the contract and earns at least a B- in the course, the student is awarded Honors credit.