Become an SI Leader

Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders are model students who facilitate two weekly peer-led study sessions for those who are enrolled in historically difficult courses.

SI Leaders…

  • Are dedicated and attend all classes, labs, and meetings for the assigned course section
  • Demonstrate organization by planning and facilitating two weekly SI sessions
  • Pay attention to the details by maintaining attendance records for each session
  • Receive robust weekly training
  • Communicate clearly with their SI Supervisor, course faculty regarding session plans and student progress, and with their peers
  • Take the time to listen to their peers and address their concerns with the course material

Currently Supported Courses

  • Software Development & Problem Solving I & II
  • Computer Science I & II
  • Computer Science for Transfers
  • General & Analytical Chemistry I & II
  • Photographic Technology I & II
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • The Mechanics of Programming

We recommend attending an SI Information Session prior to applying to learn if this position might be right for you.

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Program Contact

Mary Beth Spinelli, Coordinator Supplemental Instruction