Past Class Notes

First Name: Edward
Last Name: Portolese
Class Year: 1989
Ed Portolese
Note: On March 1, 2019, Ed Portolese '89 (SCB) was promoted to Chief Information Office of Arconic, Inc. and transferred to Pittsburgh, Pa.
First Name: Sharon
Last Name: Cochran
Class Year: 1983
Note: Sharon (Chesson) Cochran '83 (CAST) is a principal packaging engineer at Conagra Brands, Omaha, Nebraska. Sharon recently was employed at Pinnacle Foods as a senior packaging engineer.
First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Johns
Class Year: 1983
Note: Kevin Johns '83 (CCE) is retired as a Sales Executive from Travelers Insurance Company located in Buffalo, N.Y.
First Name: Jeffrey
Last Name: Salava
Class Year: 1994
Note: Jeffrey Salava '94 (CIAS) writes, "After 6 years as a lead graphic designer creating trade show displays, business identities and fleet graphics, I recently quit my position to direct full attention to my fine art reproduction business. I started Archival Arts out of my basement in Baltimore, MD in August of 2000 and it has grown into a full time business servicing over 2000 local and national artists. We specialize in large format art reproductions on canvas and watercolor media. So much for my film degree!"
First Name: Mark
Last Name: Vedel
Class Year: 1984
Mark Vedel
Note: Mark Vedel '84 (SCB) recently started a new engagement at Sharp Business Systems in Los Angeles as a Network Services Architect. Sharp Business Systems (SBS) is a direct sales division of Sharp Electronics Corporation. Our SBS branches throughout the U.S. combine the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation and the value of local representation with local management and community relationships. Our experienced business technology specialists evaluate your current technology environment and document workflow to help improve your company's efficiency, security and bottom-line through our best-in-class products, solutions and support.

Sharp Business Systems (SBS) offers a unique and consultative approach called the Communication Continuum to help you better communicate with staff and customers to drive business success faster. We focus on a discovery process to assess four primary forms of communication: Document-Based, Image-Based and Collaborative based Communication, all supported by a strong, secure Infrastructure and Network Services backbone.

Mark is focused on solving a specific set of problems for your business. If your organization utilizes plans, designs, blueprints or other critical technical documents, he has the experience and expertise to help you secure and manage that intellectual property. He also specializes in data analytics, Industrial IoT and Cyber Security.