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Congratulations on your amazing achievements and hard-earned degree. Alumni from all over the world are excited to welcome you to your new home within the RIT Alumni Association, a vibrant network of incredible innovators, creators, and problem-solvers just like you. The Tiger Wisdom campaign has collected advice and well-wishes from fellow Tigers to cheer you on with advice and encouragement as you take your first steps into your next chapter. Every submission was written for you, so enjoy each of them and the moment—you earned it!

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Your first few years post-college are the best time to develop yourself and build a strong foundation for a happy and successful life. Pick at whichever threads of curiosity pop up for you, and devote your free time to those threads that engage you and draw you in. It's amazing what curiosity, routine, and effort can accomplish together. -Evan Lammertse '13 (KGCOE)

One of the valuable takeaways from an RIT education reveals itself more and more over time. It is your ability to see situations differently from others, your expectation to innovate, and respect for a creative source within yourself. The COVID-19 experience is just such a challenge, and it is flinging you out into the world with the right stuff to differentiate and succeed. You have what you need. Go make the world better. -Phyllis Bryce Ely'81 (CIAS)

All things in life are temporary; let the bad times pass, and enjoy every second of the good. We're all with you. I'm with you. I know I'm proud of you, and so are so many others. Congratulations!" - James Haller '19 (GCCIS)

Take a deep breath, look forward to new adventures, and step out there. We're standing behind you, so don't worry and enjoy it. You've worked hard and you've earned it. go and make your own place in the world, whether it's big or small, as long as it's yours. -Anne Isobel Tan '18 (CAST)


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While their time on campus has come to a close, the Class of 2020 is just beginning their journey into the lives of purpose their RIT education and experiences have prepared them for. When you’re a Tiger, you’re a Tiger for life, and we need your help to welcome our graduates to their new home within the RIT Alumni Association—encouraging them as both professionals and people in their next chapters.

What words of wisdom, advice, or encouragement would you share with the Class of 2020?

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