Why is branding important?

As humans, our opinions form very quickly— and they lend heavy influence to the decisions we make. This is why it’s critical for RIT to have positive and meaningful interactions with our audiences as often as possible.

Our brand works by forming emotional connections from the very first interaction — a billboard in downtown Rochester, a conversation at Imagine RIT, an inquiry from a potential student about NTID, or an interaction with an RIT alumna in Silicon Valley. These interactions accumulate and shape the way people think and feel about our university.

The elements in this document work together to ensure that every interaction conveys a consistent and compelling story about RIT. The principles apply to all of us, and to every interaction, and to every piece of communication.

This document is designed to help you make decisions in support of our story. There’s a deeply informed rationale to everything included — every visual and verbal decision. It reflects the thought process that went into creating the brand and offers guidance for making the brand work to help you achieve even greater success.