Research Programs

China's First Year Research Consortium

Fall-Spring: 2022-2023 School Year

Research Consortium is a program designed to help students use research to solve existing human problems in the society. The Consortium will compose of selected groups of first year students who will work together on a project and with the goal of sharing their work as part of the Global Humanities Conference and as a part of their portfolio—which is an evolving repository of work relative to geriatric health for your four-years studies at RIT China.  The Consortium will run for the academic year. Here are the teams in the consortium.

Team A: working on innovations for improving the lives of the elderly by creating opportunities to help them keep up with technological advancements. The team aims to develop a program that helps the elderly understand the complex nuances of social media. 

Team B: developing a QR code integrated into Wechat, Alipay or other official Apps with real name authentication. It is based on real-time positioning and cloud databases containing COVID test results and tracking data.  This innovation is designed to solve the problem the elderly encounter with the process of verifying their COVID test status.   The code tracks the owner and the owner’s epidemiological exposure history to show whether the owner has the suspicion of infection.

Team C: developing a methodology for improving the medical treatment outcomes of the elderly through a strategic system of helping them understand their medications and the necessity of medication adherence.