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Employer Sponsorship

Seeking Employer Sponsorship for Your Executive MBA?

For most working professionals, the decision to pursue an Executive MBA is made only after significant reflection and consideration of the time and expense involved. Of those who make the decision to enroll, nearly 40% will fund their education themselves; the rest will receive some form of employer assistance. No matter the specifics of your firm’s tuition assistance policies, most employers will require a persuasive argument from employees requesting tuition assistance. You will likely need to convince your employer that not only is your decision to pursue an MBA a win-win for both of you, but that the specific program you’ve chosen is the right fit for them as well.

Companies range in their offerings for professional and educational development. RIT recommends that prospective students work with their organizations to learn more about employer sponsorship or tuition reimbursement opportunities. See if your employer qualifies or currently offers an Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan