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Iris Rivero


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Affiliate Faculty - Department of Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing

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81 Lomb Memorial Drive Room GLE-1513 Rochester, NY 14623-5603

Iris Rivero


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Affiliate Faculty - Department of Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing


BS, MS, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


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Journal Paper
D., Hamilton, Jakob, et al. "Mechanical Behavior of Bimetallic Stainless Steel and Gray Cast Iron Repairs via Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing." J. Manufacturing Processes 85. (2023): 1197-1207. Print.
Srikanthan, Ramesh,, et al. "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Aerosol Jet Printing." Additive Manufacturing 59. Part A (2022): 103090. Print.
Ramesh, Srikanthan, et al. "Extrusion Bioprinting: Recent Progress, Challenges, and Future Opportunities." Bioprinting 21. e00116 (2021): 1-19. Print.
Ramesh, Srikanthan, et al. "Three-Dimensional Printing of Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogel with Antibacterial Activity." Bioprinting. (2021): e00106. Print.
Hamilton, Jakob D., et al. "Cryogenic Mechanical Alloying of Aluminum Matrix Composites for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing." Journal of Composite Materials. (2020): 1-11. Print.
Liu, Han, et al. "Numerical Investigation of Auxetic Textured Soft Strain Gauge for Monitoring Animal Skin." Sensors 20. 15 (2020): 4185. Print.
Al-Dwairi, Abdullah F., Esraa Abdelall, and Iris Rivero. "Effect of Pre-Welding Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Al-4%wt Cu Alloys." Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis 9. (2020): 169-179. Print.
Gerdes, Sam, et al. "Process-Structure-Quality Relationships of 3D Printed PCL-Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds." Tissue Engineering Part A 26. (5-6) (2020): 279-291. Print.
Stromberg, Loreen R., et al. "Stamped Multilayer Graphene Laminates for Disposable in-field Electrodes: Application to Electrochemical Sensing of Hydrogen Peroxide and Glucose." Microchimica Acta 186. 533 (2019): 1-13. Print.
Ramesh, Srikanthan, et al. "Fabrication and Evaluation of Poly(lactic acid), Chitosan, and Tricalcium Phosphate Biocomposites for Guided Bone Regeneration." Journal of Applied Polymer Science 135. 39 (2018): 46692. Print.
Tran, P.L., et al. "Cryomilled Zinc Sulfide is an Effective Antibacterial Agent for Burn Wound Healing." Journal of Biomaterials Applications 33. 1 (2018): 82-93. Print.
Published Conference Proceedings
Hamilton, Jakob D., Julia Geigel, and Iris V. Rivero. "Recycling Aluminum Chips: Production of Additive Manufacturing Powder through Cryomilling." Proceedings of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering Annual Conference. Ed. L. Cromarty, R. Shirwaiker, P. Wang. Planned - New Orleans, LA, Virtual due to COVID-19: n.p., 2020. Print.
Hamilton, Jakob D., et al. "Hybrid Manufacturing: Influence of Directed Energy Deposition Parameters on Microstructure and Layer Adhesion of Stainless Steel 316L." Proceedings of the Heat Treat 2019: Proceedings of the 30th ASM Heat Treating Society Conference. Ed. ASM International. Detroit, Michigan: ASM International, 2019. Print.
Invited Keynote/Presentation
Rivero, Iris V. "Disruptive Medical Technologies: Additive Manufacturing for the Achievement of Personalized Treatments." RAMP Annual Symposium, Frontier in Materials Science for the 21st Century. University of Rochester. Rochester, New York. 23 May 2019. Keynote Speech.

Currently Teaching

3 Credits
This course will cover the military, diplomatic, political, social, and cultural history of World War II. It will focus on the causes of the war, the battles that decided the war, the leaders (civilian and military) who made the key decisions, and how the war changed society. The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the political, social, economic, military, and cultural history of WWII and that conflict's impact upon our own era.
3 Credits
This course is a capstone project using research facilities available inside or outside of RIT.

In the News

  • October 8, 2021

    researcher looks into microscope while professor adjusts display on laptop.

    Faculty compensation is focus of NSF-sponsored research

    To build understanding of faculty compensation systems and improve conversations around salary, several RIT faculty members are sharing their experiences with a National Science Foundation-funded multidisciplinary research team. The team’s goal is to significantly expand knowledge of best practices for faculty compensation to a broader community in higher education and provide insights to guide compensation practices.  

  • April 7, 2021

    Nabil Nasr and Iris Rivero.

    Engineering leaders honored as 2021 IISE Fellows

    The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers has named Nabil Nasr, associate provost and founding director of RIT’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability, and Iris Rivero, head of RIT’s Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, as Fellows, an honor that recognizes outstanding leaders of the profession who have made significant, nationally recognized contributions to industrial and systems engineering.