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To better prepare students for future job opportunities in the high-tech industry, the Department of Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology utilizes the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools from Cadence Design Systems for offering courses in Analog, Digital, and Mixed Signal design as well as in various research projects. Courses and research projects are targeting advanced process nodes from 45nm down to 14nm.

The following is a partial list of courses that utilize Cadence Tools:

  • EEEE-510, EEEE-610 Analog Electronic Design
  • EEEE-520, EEEE-620 Design of Digital Systems
  • EEEE-720, Advanced Topics in Digital System Design
  • EEEE-722, Complex Digital Systems Verification
  • EEEE-726, Mixed-Signal IC Design
  • EEEE-730, Advanced Analog IC Design

Throughout these courses students gain valuable, hands on experience with design methodologies and tool flows. Please see our course catalog for more details on these classes.

The following is a partial list of Cadence products hosted at RIT:

  • IC Custom
  • Innovus Implementation System
  • Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL
  • Virtuoso schematic
  • Spectre
  • Stratus, Genus Snthesis
  • Xcelium

Please visit the CadenceĀ® website for more details on these products.

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