Conferences and Short Courses

38th Annual Microelectronic Engineering Conference at RIT

April 13, 2020

5 PM Reception and 6 PM Dinner for Seniors, Alumni, Industrial Advisory Board and Invited Guests at RIT Inn and Conference Center

April 14, 2020

8 AM to 5 PM Conference at  RIT SLA Hall rm. 2210-2240


The Characterization of Silicon Nitride and Poly Silicon Using the Trion ICP Reactive Ion Etcher, Joshua R. Allen

Optimizing Etch Profiles for Gallium Nitride (GaN) nanowires for use in MicroLEDs, Justin Bookman

Characterization and Integration of InterVIATM for heterogeneous MicroLED application in IGZO TFT backplane, Madison Davis

Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction Fabrication and Characterization for Non-Volatile Memory Applications, Gaelen Frink

Optimization of etching process for LPCVD Silicon-nitride waveguide for silicon photonics integrated circuit and MEMS application, S M Huq

Design and Fabrication of Recessed Channel MOSFETs, Ethan Maguire

Fabrication of ultra-thin body biasing (UTBB) fully depleted silicon on insulator (FDSOI) FETs using MLD, Nicole McIntyre

Multilevel Metallization Scheme with Distributed Bonding Pads for “Flip-Chip-Like” connection to TFT Display Drivers and backside PCBs, Mohammed Mueen

Advancement in Graphene Processing to Design, Fabricate, and Test a THz Communication System, Sara Taylor