Human Factors/Ergonomics

Learn and apply Human Factors/Ergonomics principles to the design of products (e.g., exoskeletons), operations, and work environments as they relate to human capacities, safety, and health.

Our students have the opportunity to engage with theoretical and applied research topics in Human Factors/Ergonomics and practice their skills in experiment design and data analytics. The Human Factors/Ergonomics research in our department focuses on several topics and areas.

Research Topics

  Assistive devices such as exoskeletons

  Locomotion and risk of falls

  Human muscle fatigue

  Wearable systems and remote monitoring

  Occupational biomechanics

Research Briefs

Ergonomics & Data Analytics

A summary of research ergonomics and data analytics research conducted by Swapnali Karvekar and Masoud Abdollahi.