Scott Latona

May 8, 2019 Branson Ultrasonics - Vice President of Global Operations and Supply Chain

“As Vice President of Global Operations, I continue to put my RIT MPD education to work. Being able to effectively communicate and interface with marketing, business development, product engineering and finance is key to a successful new product development and launch program in any company. I was an engineering manager when I entered into the RIT MPD program and was at a point in my career where an advanced degree was imperative. Currently, we have the majority of our product line in some phase of product development. The program brought my personal experience together with sound academics to provide a solid foundation that I needed to progress in my career. The opportunity to collaborate with experienced faculty and other highly qualified engineering and business professionals has been another major benefit. Now I focus primarily on the launch phase of product development, but my knowledge and foundation from my MPD degree allows me to see the big picture and perform as an effective business leader as well. I would recommend the program to anyone who is looking to further their leadership competence in product development.”