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Martin Gordon

Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology

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Martin Gordon

Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology
College of Engineering Technology


BSME, MSME, MBA, State University of New York at Buffalo; PE


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3 Credits
This course provides the MMSI graduate students an opportunity to complete their degree requirements by addressing a practical real-world challenge using the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies. This course is not only the culmination of a student's course work but also an indicator of the student's ability to use diverse knowledge to provide a tangible solution to a problem. The capstone project topic can be in the areas of product development, manufacturing automation, management system, quality management or electronics packaging. The course requires a comprehensive project report and a final presentation.
3 Credits
The MMSI thesis is based on thorough literature review and experimental substantiation of a problem, by the candidate, in an appropriate topic. A written proposal has to be defended and authorized by the faculty adviser/committee. The proposal defense is followed by experimental work, a formal written thesis, and oral presentation of findings. The candidate should have completed the requisite courses for the program before enrolling for the thesis.
3 Credits
In this course students will investigate how mechanical parts fail through static, fatigue, and surface modes. Students will analyze the stresses, apply failure theories, and design mechanical components to last. The fatigue characteristics for given metal samples will be investigated through experimentation, analysis, and deduction of experimental results. The computer is used extensively in analysis, FEA, and design process.

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  • May 7, 2019

    Four Baja cars race down dirt hill.

    RIT hosts 100 international collegiate racing teams for Baja SAE Rochester June 6–9

    Teams from universities in the United States as well as Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela will compete for the Mike Schmidt Iron Team Trophy, an award given to the overall season champion. More than 1,300 student-engineers, who designed and built off-road vehicles, are expected for the event that will consist of hill and rock climbs, acceleration and maneuverability challenges and a four-hour endurance race.

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Published Conference Proceedings
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Invited Article/Publication
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Invited Keynote/Presentation
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Journal Paper
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