Academic Advising

What is advising?

“Academic advising is integral to fulfilling the teaching and learning mission of higher education. Through academic advising, students learn to become members of their higher education community, to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as students, and to prepare to be educated citizens of a democratic society and a global community. Academic advising engages students beyond their own world views, while acknowledging their individual characteristics, values, and motivations as they enter, move through, and exit the institution.”   - The National Academic Advisors Association 

Each undergraduate in the College of Engineering Technology will be assigned an academic advisor.  Your advisor is listed in the Student Information System, but you may also contact your department office if you are uncertain who your advisor is.  Throughout your time at RIT, your advisor(s) will contact you to communicate important opportunities and action requirements.  Please maximize the benefit of your academic advisor by responding to communications in a timely fashion. 

CET’s advisors are committed to your success.  Please contact your department, or follow the links below, to learn more about access to RIT systems, your program, AP/transfer credit, support services, and modifications to your academic plan.

If you have any questions or concerns about advising, do not hesitate to contact your department chair or your Assistant Dean for Academic Operations & Student Success Sean Bennett

Advising Team


University Advising Office

The University Advising Office is an excellent resource for general questions related to academic advising at RIT. If any member of the RIT community--student, faculty, or staff--needs assistance with advising related issues, the University Advising Office is a great resource. If you are unsure of who your advisor is or have general advising questions we are here to help you.

Learn more on the University Advising Office website.