Experiential Learning


The necessary elements of a satisfying and rewarding educational experience are cutting-edge academic programs. An outstanding and caring faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities—all of which you will find in the College of Engineering Technology. To successfully face the challenges that await you upon graduation, you must prove your ability to use critical thinking to tackle real-world problems and operate in real-world settings. Through varied experiential learning opportunities offered in our college, we support your success both in and out of the classroom.

Cooperative Education

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All our innovative academic programs challenge our students across multiple levels and prepare them to graduate as lifelong learners. Required cooperative education allows our students to continue to adapt, grow, and succeed as they immediately apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world. Our students “hit the ground running” once they are employed given our commitment and dedication to experiential learning and academic excellence. Whether you work for a large industrial company, in a world-renowned engineering facility, or at a small consulting firm, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect in your career after graduation through our co-op program. 

Besides being a great way to gain professional experience, co-op also provides you with a salary – real income that you can apply toward tuition, books, and living expenses. Many students receive permanent job offers from their co-op employers. What’s more, no tuition is charged for the semesters you are employed as a co-op student.

Study Abroad

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RIT’s Study Abroad program enhances your understanding of other cultures. You may study full time in RIT-affiliated programs in 20 countries around the world. You can elect to study courses in your major or fulfill liberal studies while gaining the experience of living and learning in a culture different from your own. Learn more at rit.edu/studyabroad.  

CET students have a unique opportunity to study at RIT exchange partner university, Technological University Dublin. It is internationally ranked for the quality of its teaching and is located in Dublin, Ireland. Our engineering technology students can take a full semester of core technical classes at TUD and earn credit toward their RIT degree without increasing their time to graduation. They will also earn a co-op credit for a semester of study abroad at TUD. To learn more about DIT, go to http://www.dit.ie.

Beyond the Classroom

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Along with student organizations available at the university level, the College of Engineering Technology also offers a variety of student-focused clubs, organizations, and activities. Many of our student clubs allow you to apply directly what you learn in the classroom to projects and activities with your classmates in fun, relaxed settings. Some of the college’s student clubs are:

Women in Technology

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Women in Technology (WIT) offers women in science and technology-based majors at RIT a wide variety of opportunities and supportive resources.Administered through the College of Engineering Technology, you’ll cease in a supportive, exciting environment that values your perspective and enhances your experience. These values are attained whether you are studying engineering technology, environmental sustainability, packaging science, or media arts technology.WIT hosts both academic and social activities to connect outside the classroom through their shared passion for technology applications. With an engaging and dynamic alumnae network, WIT provides opportunities to network with supportive alumnae about co-op and permanent employment. WIT also reaches to students in K-12 to encourage young girls to explore the many exciting career options available in the science and engineering and technology fields through Girl Scout Technology Days. To learn more, go to www.rit.edu/wit.