Honors Program


The College of Engineering Technology Honors Program provides students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically by taking specialized coursework, attending seminars, and engaging in cutting edge research.  Honors students also develop their leadership skills through service to their community. 


Sample Coursework

Educational Excursions

Honors Program students from the College of Engineering Technology can take educational trips to visit companies. They see firsthand how the field of Engineering Technology functions in the professional realm. This gives students the opportunity to network with various companies and interact with alumni. Trips normally take place during Spring Break and include participation from CET Faculty and Administration. 

Research and Service

Students in the College of Engineering Technology Honors Program are exposed to various research and service opportunities that enrich their undergraduate experience. Students can gain greater depth in their chosen fields by conducting research with oversight of a faculty member.

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Additionally, all Honors students must participate in Complementary Learning which provides them with opportunities to grow through out-of-class experiences in leadership, service, volunteerism, and critical thinking.

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Honors Council

Honors Council provides CET students the opportunity to implement their leadership and service skills while advocating on behalf of their peers. Learn more and meet your student representatives on the Honors Council webpage.

Admission Requirements

College of Engineering Technology students may enter the Honors Program as new students or as internal applicants, after they have begun their studies. Please click the links below to learn more:

First Year Student

Internal Applicants