Advanced Mechanics Lab

The Advanced Mechanics Lab is an academic teaching space for Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Experimental Methods courses. The Lab includes four non-magnetic frame assemblies, with various components for engineering application and experiments. Each station is attached to a computer loaded with LabView and other pertinent software. This lab is for higher level course work than its sister lab, Mechanics Lab GOL-1110. Topics such as Experimental Design, which incorporate stress and strain concepts learned earlier in the students’ academic career, are tested in this lab. Some of the core equipment in this lab include:

• 4 Dell OptiPlex 9020 computers with LabView software

• CompactDAQ chassis (8 Slot ENET), Strain relief, Combustion Analysis Sys

• Filament Extruder NEXT 1.0 Advanced Black




Leslie Gregg
MMET/PS Lab Manager