Club Sports

RIT offers a wide variety of clubs for students to participate in.

Nearly 50 of the student clubs at RIT are sports clubs, which are loosely broken into two groups: competitive and non-competitive clubs.

Non-competitive clubs

Typically meet and practice for about two hours per week and engage in a more social, less-structured manner

Competitive clubs

Practice two to three times per week, while competing locally, regionally or nationally

By the Numbers


Students participated in club sports


Recognized club sports


Sport clubs traveled and competed in 13 different states


Sport clubs qualified for their respective national championships

Club Sports Resources

Mileage Form

  • Google maps proof of miles

Information on booking overnight accommodations 

  • Must book directly with the hotel. (No third party sites)
  • Need credit card authorization form 
  • Clubs will not be able to take the Travel Card on their trip
  • Tax Exemption Form needed 

RIT Student Government Van Rentals

  • RIT Recognized Clubs can rent 7 passenger vans for off-campus or overnight events.  
  • Rental requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance and rentals are not guaranteed. 

Coaches Travel

  • Coaches are hired as RIT adjunct staff members and must follow all applicable RIT travel policies.
  • Funding for travel is not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Please reach out to with any additional questions. 

Practice or Meeting Reservations

  • The club must be in good standing in order to make a reservation.  Good standing qualifications below:
    • Club has completed Re-recognition.
    • Club has at least ten members who are active in the club (waiver signed, in good standing.)
  • All Club Sports are allotted two hours of reserved recreation time per week. This time can be split into two, one hour reservations or one, two hour reservation.  (Note: All practice times should be booked under one reservation.)
  • Reservation requests are made on Please be sure to use the Student Org Meeting/Event Request template. 
  • Only three club members are allowed to reserve space. If you do not have access to reserve on behalf of the club, please fill out this form.
  • Attendance should be tracked using CampusGroups at all practices, games and events.  Failure to track attendance could result in the loss of reservations. 
  • Once a club has used their reservation quota, the facilities are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Additional requests for space will be handled on a case by case basis (example: tryouts)
  • Clubs must have at least 10 participants in order to hold a reservation. If turnout is consistently low for a particular club, future reservations for the club will be canceled.
  • During peak hours, when a club does not have a reservation, they cannot monopolize space for more than one hour. This ensures that others have the opportunity to recreate as well.
  • Clubs must request space at least 4 business days in advance via RIT Events using the SO Meeting/Event Space template.   
  • Clubs can request 1 game per week. If clubs want to hold more than one game or a tournament on campus, they may need to forfeit their 2 hour practice time for that given week. 

To obtain “Approved Safety Officer” status, a student must submit a sport/activity specific resume and two letters of recommendation via the corresponding link below. If approved, you will be notified via email with a confirmation message. At that time, you will be approved to access the equipment for your club during your clubs reservation time.  Only approved safety officers will be able to access club equipment that is stored within the Student Life Center. 

Club Sport Safety Officer Certifications

  • Clubs should never be agreeing to terms or signing contracts prior to consulting the Club Sports office. Please send agreements or contracts to: and allow 2 weeks for review and approval. Please note- Some contracts may require multiple revisions, please plan accordingly.  
  • Clubs should allow up to 2 weeks for checks to be processed and sent out
    • A current W-9 from the vendor/individual is required for checks to be sent
  • Approved Vendors
    • ONLY Approved Vendors should be used unless approved by CS Staff
  • Approved bus companies 
  • Apparel orders need to be approved before being placed. Please send your design proof to: and allow 3 business days for approval.  
  • All apparel orders will need to be a PO
    • Vendor should be made aware of the PO process
  • EAF Submissions
    • EAF’s need to be submitted and approved prior to an agreement with the vendor
  • Visa Card
    • $1,500 single transaction limit
    • Additional approvals are required when purchasing from an apparel company
    • No guarantee the CC will have available balance remaining
      • Please contact Mat Clark to make sure a card is available
  • Travel Visa
    • Should be used for all lodging/transportation expenses
    • This card cannot be signed out or taken on a trip
      • Clubs will need to setup a time with Mat Clark to use the card in office
  • Reimbursing a student
    • An itemized receipt is required in order to be reimbursed
    • Mileage reimbursement form is required when being reimbursed for driving personal vehicle
    • Gas receipts are required when being reimbursed for driving SG van
    • Direct Deposit Form
      • Fill out this form to be reimbursed via Direct Deposit
    • Tax cannot be reimbursed
    • Clubs can be reimbursed for all club related expenses within reason
  • Check Payment
    • Check payments can take up to 2 weeks to be approved and processed
    • Official invoice and current W-9 are required to pay vendor/individual
      • W-9 needs to match where & who the check needs to be made payable to
    • Apparel orders will always be a Purchase Order
      • POs can take up to a Month to be approved and processed
      • Club will need to advise the vendor that a Purchase Order is the required payment method
    • New Vendors
      • If a company has not been used/paid in the past a New Supplier Setup Form and current W-9 is required to get them setup
  • Amazon Purchase
    • Attach the Amazon link in the EAF submission
    • Once EAF is approved Mat Clark will place the order on behalf of the club and notify the club once the package is ready to be picked up
    • Include all special instructions related to the purchase in the EAF submission

According to the University Marketing and Branding Guidelines and Standards for Student Clubs and Organizations, Clubs and Organizations must adhere to the following guidelines for marketing and mass email communications.


  • When marketing an event to the external community or participating in an event or program outside of the campus, student organizations should use “RIT” in their name.
  • Marketing materials must adhere to RIT policies.
  • Marketing materials should meet standard accessibility guidelines found here.

Mass Email Communication

Mass email communications should not be sent on behalf of RIT student clubs and organizations. Student clubs and organizations may choose to submit their event to the RIT Events Calendar for inclusion in RIT Events emails sent to campus community members daily.

RIT Student Club and Organization Mass Email Standards


All RIT Club Sports teams must follow the RIT Club Sports Style Guide, which details branding requirements for all clubs as well as optional graphics and design elements available for use. All clubs must adhere to the requirements detailed in the Required Elements section of the Style Guide.


Club Sport Office