Travel Policies and Procedures


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If you have travel or other reimbursement questions or requests, please contact the RIT Service Center by: Details about travel and other reimbursement questions or requests provided by the RIT Service Center can be found here.

New: Extraordinary approval from divisional vice president and Sr. VP of Finance and Administration is not required for travel occurring on or after 07/01/2022. Travelers should continue to follow the internal approval process in place within their respective Division/College/ Department.

The University's travel policies and procedures provide information about approved business travel from RIT (i.e., one's normal place of employment), or one's home, to a destination in Rochester, or outside of the Rochester area. RIT will reimburse faculty, staff and students, or pay outside vendors, for necessary and reasonable transportation and travel related expenses incurred in connection with RIT approved business travel under the following circumstances:

  1. The traveler has adhered to RIT policies and procedures.
  2. The travel expenses are allowable.
  3. The expenses are supported by appropriate documentation.
  4. An authorized individual, who is at least one level of management above the traveler, has approved the Travel Expense Report.

Employees should use discretion when expending RIT funds and ensuring that expenditures are necessary and appropriate for meeting business needs. Employees are expected to be familiar with, and follow, the University's travel policies and procedures and, if applicable, the policies of their particular division, college, department, program and/or sponsored project.

  1. The employee has followed all RIT travel policies and procedures.
  2. Expenditures are reasonable.
  3. Expenditures have a legitimate business purpose and are supported by adequate documentation.
  4. Expenditures are accurately reflected on the appropriate RIT general ledger account (i.e., the 24-digit account number).
  5. The Travel Expense Report is accurate and completed correctly.

The Controller's Office will periodically review travel policies and procedures; revisions may be made as part of the review process. RIT faculty and staff will be advised of any changes via the RIT Message Center; all changes and/or revisions will be published on the Controller's Office travel web page. If required, Controller's Office staff will provide additional training.

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