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Staff in Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) are responsible for the fiscal administration of externally funded projects including grants, contracts, and special projects. One of our primary responsibilities is to assist principal investigators and administrative staff in navigating through the fiscal and regulatory requirements related to sponsored projects. Our objective is to develop and maintain an infrastructure that supports the University's strategic goal to grow scholarship activity through increased sponsored research. Staff in SPA work closely with Sponsored Research Services Office (SRS) and Principal Investigators to ensure compliance with RIT, federal, and state guidelines regarding grant and contract administration. For more info about grants and contracts (pre- and post-award), visit SRS Pre-Award/Post-Award Non-Financial.

Department Assignments

The information below provides you with departmental assignments for grants and contracts (projects 30000 - 39999, A0000 - F9999, and P0000 to P9999). The SPA team member that has been assigned to your department is responsible for monitoring fiscal activity on the identified projects. He/she will be your contact for any questions or assistance you may need. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact:

SPA Representative/Title/Location Department Assignments Department Numbers
Robin Amico
Financial Analyst and Reporting Specialist
100 Park Point
Financial Reporting and Compliance  
Ayaan Aweis
100 Park Point
College of Science (COS) 67000-67899
Denise Schwan
100 Park Point
Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE) 62700-63999
Amanda Zeluff
Analyst/Team Lead
Color Science 67070-67079
Center for Imaging Science 67900-67999
College of Science (COS) 67000-67899
Mary Merkel
Reporting Analyst
100 Park Point
Office of the President 02000-02099
Office of Diversity & Inclusion 02100-02199
Government and Community Relations, RIT Newsletter, & Athenaum 04000-04999
Office of the Provost, Wallace Center, K-12 Programs 60000-62399
School of Individualized Study (SOIS) 72000-72999
Innovative Learning Institute (ILI) 73000-73399
Division of Enrollment Management 96500-96599
Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf (SAISD) 06000-06050
National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) 40000-49599
Nanopower Research Lab (NPRL) 62850,67462
Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies (CIMS) 76000-77999
Golisano Institute for Sustainibility (GIS) 78000-78999
Bob LaFleur
Sr Analyst
Grant and Contract Compliance Subaward Monitoring 3XXXX-ZXXXX 3XXXX-ZXXXX
Gale O'Toole
Sr. Staff Accountant
100 Park Point
Golisano College of Computing & Information Science (GCCIS) 82000-82999
Janette Frank
100 Park Point
Finance & Administration Division  
Division of Student Affairs 37000-37499
Office of Vice President Research (OVPR) 62400-62499
Saunders College of Business (SCB) 64000-64999
College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST) 86000-86999
Andrew Schubart
Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE) 62700-63999
Benjamin Lew
100 Park Point
College of Liberal Arts (COLA) 68400-69999
College of Art & Design (CAD) 65000-66999
College of Engineering Technology (CET) 70000-71999

Frequently Used Object Codes

Category Oracle Description Object Code
Revenue Deferred Income 36280
Federal Grants/Contracts 52000
State Grants/Contracts 52050
Corporate Contracts 52100
Private Foundation Grants 52150
Cost Share Transfers to/from Operating Funds 63001
Faculty, Staff & Students Admin/Prof - Salaries 70050
Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty - Salaries 70150
Non Tenure Track Faculty/Lecturers 70325
Post Doctoral Professional - Salaries 70350
Technical, Clerical and Secretarial - Salaries 70450
Faculty Summer - Salaries 70550
Student Wages 71250
Co-op Wages 71300
Grad Assistant Hourly 71130
Graduate Research Assistants (GRA) Stipend Masters - GRA 82570
Stipend PhD - GRA 82575
Benefits Benefits 72050
Supplies Supplies - General 73000
Supplies - Instructional 73250
Supplies - Lab and Medical 73350
Supplies - Software 73750
Prof Fees/Contract Srvcs Professional Fees 75000
Consultants/Independent Contractors 75200
Contract Services 75500
Human Subjects Human Subject Fees 75015
Subawards Subcontractor Fees < $25k 75300
Subcontractor Fees > $25k 75350
Participant Support Costs (PSC) Participant Support Costs 75700
Travel - Participant Support 78850
F&A Exempt Misc Exempt from F&A 75750
Publications Publishing Expenses 76550
Travel Travel - Conferences 78000
Travel - Lodging 78050
Travel - Car Rental 78100
Travel - Gasoline (Car Rental) 78110
Travel - Taxi/Shuttle/Limo 78150
Travel - Mileage 78200
Travel - Parking and Tolls 78250
Travel - Airfare/Train/Bus 78300
Travel - Meals 78500
Travel - Non-RIT 78600
Travel - International 78700
Tuition Remission Tuition Remission Masters 82010
Tuition Remission PhD 82011
Equipment Capital Equipment >= $5,000 16200
Equipment < $5,000 84000
SMFL SMFL Labor 90320
SMFL Supplies 90365
Interdepartment Chargeback RIT Misc Interdept Chgbk 90310
ITS ITS Chargeback 90230
F&A F&A (Internal C/S) 90340
F&A (External C/S) 90341
F&A 90345
F&A (Add'l F&A - FP Contracts) 90347
Contingency Budget - Contingency 91000