Inviting/Hosting Public Officials and Staff on Campus

The Office of Government and Community Relations (GCR) serves as the University’s primary contact for all federal, state, and local elected officials and their staff. RIT employees must obtain advance permission from GCR if they plan to invite elected officials or staff to visit campus and any other designated RIT properties or meet off campus in their official capacity as an employee.

This includes inviting elected officials and staff to ticketed events that are being hosted and/or sponsored by RIT, on or off campus, where there is a dollar amount being charged for tickets such as hockey games, dance/theater/musical performances, etc…  If there is a cost for members of the RIT community, or the general public, to attend an event, please contact GCR in advance of extending any invitations to elected officials or staff. This also includes invitations to attend any private receptions being held as part of ticketed events where the cost to the institution exceeds $15.00 per person.  If an event is free and open to the RIT community and/or the public, advance permission is not required.

Additionally, if an elected official or political staff request a meeting with an RIT employee, the employee should refer them to GCR who will help facilitate the meeting and as needed, attend the requested meeting. NOTE: This guidance supplements terms defined in our existing policies related to inviting political candidates to participate in University events; supporting a political candidate, political party, PAC or the like; or engaging in lobbying activities.