This Year's Alumni Award Recipients

Selection criteria for evaluation of the nominations include:

quality of the research; quality of the writing; impact of the dissertation or thesis as measured by peer reviewed publications; conference papers; and, but not limited to, awards. For information on the nomination process contact

Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award

Dr. Kevin C. Cooke

College: College of Science
Program: Astrophysical Sciences and Technology PhD Program
Thesis Title: Magnificent Constructions: The Role of Environment on the Stellar Mass Growth of Massive Galaxies
Thesis Advisor/Mentor: Dr. Jeyhan S. Kartaltepe

Outstanding MFA Thesis Award

Joanna Cox

College: College of Health Sciences & Technology
Program: Master of Fine Arts in Medical Illustration
Thesis Title: Breaking the Stigma: Major Depressive Disorder
Thesis Advisor/Mentor: Professor James Perkins

Outstanding MS Thesis Award

Zachariah Carmichael

College: Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Program: Computer Engineering
Thesis Title: Towards Lightweight AI: Leveraging Stochasticity, Quantization, and Tensorization for Forecasting
Thesis Advisor/Mentor: Dr. Dhireesha Kudithipudi

Previous Dissertation and Thesis Award Recipients

PhD Dissertation Award

2019 Dr. Brittany Smith  
2018 Dr. Triana Almeyda  
2017 Dr. Alexandra Artusio-Glimpse  
2016 David Kelbe Honorable Mention: Valerie Rapson Honorable Mention: Davide Lena
2015 David Principe Honorable Mention: Erinn Ryen

M.Arch. Thesis Award

2019 James R. Fugate  

MS Thesis Award

2019 Katherine Engle  
2018 Daniel Wysocki  
2017 James Mnatzaganian Honorable Mention: Peter LoVerso

MFA Thesis Award

2017 Timothy Fitzgerald  
2015 Brendan Gordon Honorable Mention: Zachary Dietl

STEM Thesis Award

2016 Brian C. Winkler Honorable Mention: Chenyu Zheng