Technologies Available for Licensing

RIT is pleased to present its portfolio of technologies available for license. These technologies represent a diversity of market applications and range from invention disclosures to issued patents and from early-stage technologies to market-ready products and services.

If you are interested in licensing any of these technologies, or require additional information, please contact our office at 585-475-2986 or The complete set of opportunities is presented by a combination of our “two pagers” directly below and our list of Issued Patents cited further down the page.

Title Keywords
A Novel Artificial Hip Joint Using an Elastic Squeeze Film Mechanism Total Hip Replacement, Artificial Hip Joint, Total Hip Arthroplasty
A Novel Diesel Particulate Removal System (DPRS) Diesel Engines Exhaust Gas, Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Oxidation, Diesel Emissions, Particulate Removal, Air Pollution, Air Quality, Clean Diesel, Soot Removal
A Novel Vehicle Transmission - EconoFlow™ Vehicle Transmission, Power Transmission, ATV Transmission, Soft Starter
AOH Select: Selection Marker for Plasmid Development E. Coli, Cloning, Plasmid Vector Development, Essential Gene, Plant Enzyme, Selection Marker
Asset Health Monitoring Application Suite (AHM) Building Management, Smart Buildings, Maintenance, Vehicle Monitoring, Diagnostics, Prognostics, Telematics, J1939, J1708, J1587, CAN, J1979, OBD-II, BACnet, Modbus
Automated Fundus Image Field Detection and Quality Assessment Fundus imaging, fundus image field detection, fundus image quality, eye exam, eye health
Calibration-Based Tool Condition Monitoring System for Repetitive Machining Operations Machining, Tool Monitoring, Calibration -Based tool Monitoring
CAMM (CHEMICAL ASSAY TO VERIFY THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF MALARIA MEDICATIONS) Drug Quality Assurance, Artemisinin, Counterfeit Medication and Malaria Medication
CardioSense Contactless Cardiac Monitoring, Biomedical Instrumentation, Healthcare
Digital Avatar Therapy Coach; Digital Behavioral Health Platform Digital Beharioral Health Therapy;Interactive Avatar Behavioral Therapy; Cognitive Therapy; Therapy with Avatars
Display Technology from Nanowire LED's and FET's Displays, Flexible Displays, LED, FET, Virtual Reality
DyFSS Biofeedback, Anxiety, Stress, Autonomic Nervous System, Vagal Tone, Heart Rate Variability, Skin Conductance Level, Peripheral Skin Temperature, Respiration Rate, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Eye Tracker, System and Method using Iris Features eye tracking, gaze detection, eye motion detection, VR, AR
Gait and Terrain Tracking - A method for Simultaneously Tracking Both Rehabilitation; Gait Monitor, Ambulatory Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Hip, Knee, Ankle
Gait and Terrain Tracking -- A Method for Simultaneously Tracking Both Gait Monitor, Ambulatory Rehabilitation, Assistive Device, Orthopedics, Hip, Knee, Ankle
Gaze Capture Image capture, gaze detection, perceptual image quality, image segmentation, pre-process, image understanding and analysis
Graphene Production Preparation of graphene compounds, Pool boiling applications, Electronics industry, Coating metals for corrosion protection, Optoelectronic industries, Structural material
Green Wall pretreatment process for wastewater generated by food and beverage manufacturers water treatment, waste water, food production, wineries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies, yogurt, cheese, breweries
Host Supported Genetic Biosensors Biosensor, Expression vector, Analyte, non-invasive, Glucose
Micro-Structures Enhanced Boiling Surface (M-SEBS) to Increase the Heat Transfer Coefficient and Extend the CHF Limit Heat transfer, Enhanced boiling surface, Heat flux enhancement, Pool boiling, Electronics cooling, Semiconductor chip cooling, HVAC, Refrigeration
Motorized Pediatric Stander Pediatric, stander, access technology
Multi Meshed Tree (MMT™) Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) Meshed trees, Multiple meshed trees, Route robustness, Burst forwarding MAC, Ad-hoc networks, Wireless networks, Self-forming networks, UAV communications
Multi-resolution Adaptive and Progressive Gradient-based Color Image SEGmentation (MAPSEG™) image segmentation, pre-process, Progressive region growth, Multivariate region merging imaging, image understanding and analysis
MVS - Miniaturized Viscosity Sensor Viscosity sensor, Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sensor, MEMs, CMOS, Lubrication, Viscometer, Engine Maintenance, Diagnostics, Food Quality Measurement, Lubricant Quality Measurement
Object Tracking using Random Projections, Online Distance Learning and a Hybrid Template Library (ROLL_Tracking™) Object tracking, Distance metric learning, Online learning, Nearest neighbor classification, Random projections, Target tracking, Video indexing, Video analytics, Image analysis
OLED Displays - Advanced Integrated Circuit Driver Technology Organic light emitting device (OLED), Liquid crystal display (LCD), Display driver, Integrated circuit, Current drive, Settling time
Pak-Track™ -- A Package Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting System Real-Time, tracking, monitoring, temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, packaging
Photoacoustic Imaging of Soft Tissue Photoacoustic imaging, cancer, medical imaging, ultrasound, acoustic lens, prostate cancer
Reflectance Color Target for Magnified Images Reflectance Microscopy, Color Target, Digital Image Color Ground Truth, Camera Sensor Calibration, Tissue Examination
Remote Sensing -- Airborne Mapping System w/Realtime Data Link (WASP) Wildfires, Disasters, Airborne, Mapping, Imagery, Remote sensing
Sepsis Diagnosis via PAL (Peptidoglycan Associated Lipoprotein) Detection in Urine Sepsis, E.Coli, Pal, medical test, diagnostic medicine, urine biomarker
Speech Recognition Test, NSRT Hearing, Hearing loss, Speech recognition, Assistive Listening, Hearing Screening
Spinal Fixture-Method and Fixture for Guided Pedicle Screw Placement Spine, Spinal Fixture, 3D Printing
TDP Mapping - Terahertz Doping Profile Mapping Doping profile mapping, Diodes, Transistors, Quality Control, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, SIMS, Solar Cells, 3D Imaging, Semiconductor Doping
Temperature Sensing Resistive Random Access Memory (TSRRAM) RRAM, memristor, temperature sensor, dynamic thermal management, 3D-IC, security
TWG -- Tunable Graphene/Epsilon Near Zero (ENZ)-Slot Waveguides Modulators, Tunable, Slot-waveguide, Graphene, Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), Epsilon-near-zero (ENZ), Optical switching, Beam steering, Optical Scanning