The RIT Service Center (RSC) is also a member of Enterprise Support within ITS, but encompasses a wider scope including RIT staff and faculty. The RSC acts as the primary point of customer contact for all things ITS, and can route specific problems to other departments within ITS. Students will need to contact the RSC for problems relating to their RIT user account (formerly known as DCE account) and e-mail problems. Resnet may refer students to the RSC for miscellaneous problems that we are not equipped to handle. Any questions or issues from students specifically relating to your Network connection, including but not limited to, the functionality of the network jack in your room, the status of your computer registration(s) and requests for additional IP addresses are handled within Resnet. 

The RIT Service Center is located on the academic side of campus in Building 7B, and for student convenience the Resnet office is located on the first floor of Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry Hall (DSP) on the residential side of campus.

The Tech Center is a general-purpose computer repair, maintenance and upgrade facility. Problems most commonly handled by the Tech Center include operating system patching, virus scanning and removal, and spyware/adware cleaning. The Tech Center is also well equipped to perform a general "tune-up" and security check on your computer to ensure it is running at its best. 

The Tech Center can also diagnose problematic computers and hardware, replace damaged components, install upgrade components, and can perform data recovery in some situations. 

Because Resnet's goal is first and foremost to support student's network connections, Internet connectivity, and computer security, service requests for problems that do not pertain to these areas or do not pertain to academic success may be given a slightly lower priority. Most service requests are handled within 24 hours, and many times service is completed the same day, but depending on the nature of the problem some requests may take slightly longer. While you do not need to make an appointment before bringing your computer to the Tech Center, it is always a good idea to call first and find out how many computers are waiting to be worked on to get a rough estimate of the time it may take to complete the work.

The Tech Center can diagnose trouble components and replace them with new components, but we are not equipped to repair the actual components. If a part does need replacing, we will provide the student with an invoice for the correct replacement part.

While we can assist in configuring a computer to operate correctly with peripheral devices such as printers or scanners, we cannot repair these types of devices if they are physically damaged.

Resnet and the Resnet Tech Center provide limited support personal router devices. If you choose to purchase one of these devices you will need to refer to the manual and contact the manufacturer for assistance first.

The Tech Center will absolutely under no circumstances perform service on a computer that has a clearly pirated or cracked operating system. This is especially important for Windows users, because it is required that your computer be running the latest service pack version to use the RIT network, and Windows service packs specifically will not install on an illegal copy of Windows.

Finally, since this is a service provided to ease the educational process, we will not perform service or provide support on any devices that are clearly for non-educational use, such as video game consoles.

You MUST bring your RIT ID.

If you have a desktop computer, you will only need to bring the tower portion of the computer. No cables, keyboard, mouse or monitor are necessary (unless you suspect the problem may be related to an external item).

If you have a laptop computer, be sure to bring the AC power adapter. Most service takes longer than a laptop battery can provide, and it is a very bad idea to update or troubleshoot a computer on battery power. 

You should also bring any CDs or disks that may have come with your computer, and you should have your Windows product key handy. (Most computer manufacturers place the product key on a colored sticker on the side or back of your computer case. If it is not present, you may have a "certificate of authenticity" that separately came with your computer.) If we need this information during the repair process, we will contact you, but being prepared with it ahead of time will ensure the fastest turnaround possible.

Having work performed in the Resnet Tech Center, while convenient, may void your manufacturer warranty. If your computer is still under warranty, you may wish to contact the manufacturer or vendor to have service performed. You should always inform us that your machine is under warranty before submitting it to the tech center. 

There are also times when you may be required to bring your computer to the Tech Center. In the event your computer is compromised (broken into), is involved in a Network abuse issue, or contains a serious virus infection  you may have your network access taken away until a Resnet technician can review your computer in the Tech Center.