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General Cleaning


This is a free utility that cleans temporary, cache, and unnecessary files off the system. Cleaning such unneeded files reclaims significant amounts of hard drive space and speeds up the virus and spyware scanning process. This program also cleans and optimizes the registry by correcting a number of common miscellaneous errors that appear.

Download CCleaner


Windows Disk Cleanup

Your Windows computer contains a tool called "Disk Cleanup" that can free up space on your computer's hard drive by deleting unneeded files. To run this program, find it under "All Programs->Accessories->System Tools" in your computer's start menu. Choose the option to "Clean up system files", then on the screen that comes up select from the types of files that you do not need. For assistance using Windows Disk Cleanup, please visit the Resnet Office in Nathaniel Rochester Hall.

Screenshot of Windows Disk Cleanup main window