Manual Registration

For devices that do not have a web browser or do not support entprise wireless network will need to be manually registered the devices MAC address on Your device needs to be plugged into a RIT data jack or connected to the wireless network "RIT-Legacy".

  1. Gather the MAC address from your device.
  2. Your device must be plugged in and turned on during registration. Either connect to RIT-Legacy unsecure wireless network, or an ethernet cable. 
  3. Go to from a computer.
  4. Click on "Your Computers."
  5. Sign in with your RIT username and password.
  6. Click on "Advanced Registration."
  7. Enter either the MAC address or IP address of the device connected. 
  8. Click Register and complete the additional device information. 
  9. Once registered, you will need to restart the device. If you are connecting over wireless, you will need to reconnect to the wireless network RIT-Legacy.