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Microscale Bioseparations Laboratory

Location: INS-3182

In the MSB Lab we investigate separation of biological particles employing microscale techniques, we work with microfluidic devices. We focus on electrokinetic methods, i.e., methods that employ electric potentials to manipulate, concentrate and sort particles. We develop fast analytical processes for protein molecules, DNA particles, and many type of cells, from bacteria, to parasites to blood cells. The techniques that we develop have applications in bi-analytical assays, biomedical and clinical analysis, food, water and environmental monitoring, etc. The advantages of using microscale techniques is faster results when compared with bench-scale equipment, only small samples are required and devices are portable. Typical experiments in our laboratory involve the injection of sample containing bioparticles into a microchannel, then applying an electric potential in order to sort, concentrate or analyze the particles. We use fluorescence microscopy for observing particle behavior, some of our results are posted in our website, under the section “videos”


Blanca Lapizco-Encinas
Associate Professor