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Electrical Engineering Senior Design Lab


The lab features work areas for up to eight student teams.  Each work area is equipped with a full complement of computer-connected electronics test-equipment, and a powerful computer workstation.  As in all of our EME Labs, the computers are loaded with a suite of industry-standard electrical engineering software packages, such as Matlab/Simulink (modeling, analysis and visualization), LabVIEW (system design, control, hardware interfaces), CADsoft (robotics design), Cadence (analog circuit design), and Altera (digital circuit design). PC Workstation, Tek TDS2012 Scope, Agilent E3631A Power Supply. Agilent 33120 Function Generator, Agilent 34401A Multimeter

Working in multidisciplinary teams, students apply engineering design processes. They meet with a customer who needs a solution to a problem. They create engineering specifications, evaluate concepts, resolve major technical hurdles, and employ rigorous engineering principles to design a prototype which is fully tested and documented.

At the end of the two course senior design sequence, students can:

  • Perform a critical analysis of requirements and engineering spec-ifications.
  •  Integrate theory from a broad range of courses, laboratory exer-cises and co-op experiences to the creative solution of an engi-neering design problem.
  •  Employ a rigorous engineering design process.
  •  Accurately document engineering design activities.
  •  Effectively communicate technical information through oral and written means.
  •  Work effectively and ethically in a diverse team environment.
  •  Develop and execute a project schedule and budget, and to ex-plain the impact of variations in schedule, critical path, and pro-ject costs on the effective execution of an engineering design.
  •  Recognize the impact of design decisions on customer satisfac-tion
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