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Knorr-Bremse Mechatronics Laboratory

John Wellin
Sr. Lecturer

This laboratory was originally created in 2014 to support a new Mechatronics Certificate Program developed in conjunction with Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and New York Air Brake, both US subsidiaries of the Knorr-Bremse Group. Bendix develops and manufactures leading-edge active safety and braking system technologies for trucks, while New York Air Brake focuses on braking systems and technologies for the rail industry. The lab houses all of the equipment that is used to deliver an on-site experiential course component for the certificate focused on vehicular mechatronic systems. The on-site course has since been offered twice (including July 2016), and will likely be offered once or twice per year as currently configured (and typically during intersession and/or summer session). The lab space also happens to include all of the vibrations test equipment that is used not only in the mechatronics course, but also in the “regular” ME course MECE-558/658 Introduction to Engineering Vibrations. In addition, the room was used for periodic instruction of components of MECE-211 Engineering Measurements Laboratory. In 2015, the latter course was moved to GLE-1238 officially and completely, including almost all of its support resources, and significant additional equipment was added to extend the curricular content. Nine heavy duty workbenches and stools were added, along with seating for 18 students, and 18 HP high-performance workstations that were cascaded from the PC Studio labs when the systems were upgraded there. Benchtop instruments such as oscilloscopes and power supplies were added to the bench stations, along with NI data acquisition capabilities and various sensors and tools. Given that we intend to shift instruction in MECE-211 to focus on data acquisition, sensors and measurements, it was deemed appropriate to combine purposes of this laboratory space as such.

Major equipment: A custom Brake Characterization Bench that utilizes an Omega 3000 lb load cell and a Wenglor OPT2001 photoelectric sensor; a custom Straight Truck Air Board manufactured by Bendix; a custom Systems Identification Bench manufactured by Bendix that is connected to a DS1104 R&D Controller Board with peripherals from dSPACE; a Vibrations Characterization Bench that includes a small shaker, various accelerometers from PCB Piezotronics, a modal hammer, and a Data Physics SignalCalc Ace dynamic signal analyzer; a dedicated high-capacity commercial air compressor and dryer system capable of supplying up to 175 psi and 24 scfm of clean, dry air to any of six separate air drops in the room; an in-house designed and built series-parallel centrifugal pump rig; two Brodhead-Garrett vapor compression refrigeration trainers; an in-house designed and built vortex tube characterization rig; 18 HP Z200 workstations with LabVIEW, Matlab, Simulink, and a suite of other standard software tools used through the department; various commercial off-the-shelf sensors from Bendix for system monitoring and display; and data acquisition devices from National Instruments and Analog Devices.

Recognitions: Knorr-Bremse North America, including Bendix and New York Air Brake.

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