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Nano-Bio Interface Laboratory (NBIL)

Michael Schrlau
Graduate Program Director-Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor

Established in 2011 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the NBIL addresses one of the most promising and emerging areas in healthcare – diagnostics and therapeutics on a single-cell level.  The NBIL studies biofluidic environments at the micro-nanoscale and develops associated micro-nanotechnologies for biological interfacing.  The NBIL focuses in three main research areas:  nanomanufacturing, micro-/nanofluidics, and nano-bio metrology. The work in this laboratory is conducted by undergraduate and graduate students alike, including independent study and Multidisciplinary Senior Design projects.

Major equipment: Zeiss inverted and upright fluorescence microscopes, Hitachi scanning electron microscope, Gamry low-current potentiostat, Eppendorf and Narishige micromanipulators, Eppendorf microinjector, Sutter pipette puller, Carbolite and Lindberg/Blue chemical vapor deposition system, and a number of HP workstations with the full standard suite of software tools including CFD capabilities.

Reognitions: Eppendorf NA, Ginna Nuclear Power Plant, Texas Instruments/Douglass Harvey, Feinberg Foundation, National Science Foundation.

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