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Optimization Lab at Research Computing, OL@RC


The Optimization Lab at Research Computing (OL@RC) supports the needs of the ISE faculty and students working on optimization and operations research projects. OL@RC consists of a portfolio of state-of-the-art optimization software installed in a cluster computer supported by the RIT Research Computing Office. OL@RC provides students and faculty the ability to solve large optimization problems of a diverse mathematical nature, such as: linear programs, integer and mixed-integer programs, non-linear programs, non-linear mixed integer programs, constraint programming, and metha-heuristics. Currently, access to the lab is granted to ISE faculty, students enrolled in courses with an operations research component, and students working on optimization related projects. The lab functions as a cloud system, where an approved user can remotely access optimization software, upload data and models, run experiments, and then collect results. This cloud-lab structure maximizes the use of the available floating licenses, and reduces the need to invest in hardware or physical infrastructure for accommodating graduate students.

This computing environment supports the needs of ISE faculty and students working on optimization and operations research projects and coursework, including ISEE 301 Operations Research and professional electives – ISEE 701 Linear Programming, ISEE 702 Integer Programming, and others.

OL@RC runs experiments on a Linux platform to access the following optimization software: AMPL, GUROBI, KNITRO, MATHEMATICA and MATLAB. Researchers and faculty, can run their experiments directly on the program shells, or include the program‘s libraries in customized applications written in C++, JAVA, MATLAB or PYTHON.

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