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Wan Microfluidic Research Lab


The laboratory focuses on fundamental study of complex fluids and the development of novel materials and/or devices for biomedical applications. Current research in the Wan Microfluidic research lab involves microbubble-based drug delivery systems, controlled synthesis of polymer nanoparticles, mechanotransduction in red blood cells, inflammatory effect of human colon cancer cells, and 3D culture of intestinal stem cells. Major equipment includes inverted fluorescence microscopes, high-speed camera, fluorescence cameras, single photon-counting PMT, and a microscope-based ratio spectrofluorometer for the collection and analysis of ratio-metric photometry data for calcium, pH, and intracellular ion. The mission of the Wan Microfluidic research labĀ  is to combine the strength of microfluidics with chemistry and biology to develop the next-generation materials and/or devices for improved biomedical therapeutics.

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