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Neuromorphic Artificial Intelligence Lab

Over the past decade, research in the Nu.AI lab is paving a path to revolutionize the next generation of intelligent platforms. Our short term goal is to develop lifelong learning systems that utilize minimal resources (e.g.: energy, form factor).  We strive to achieve this through an interdisciplinary research approach.

The fundamental questions that we strive to answer include: Can we abstract the principles of neural plasticity for continual and robust learning?  Can we harness nanodevices (e.g.: memristors) to design energy efficient AI platforms?  

Our team has developed new brain-inspired algorithms, AI platforms, and energy efficient machine learning substrates. Our research lab takes pride in fostering a highly stimulating student-centric research environment.

Directions for Visitors

When you arrive to the RIT campus, please give yourself ~15 minutes to travel from the parking lot to the James E. Gleason Hall (GLE) building. You need to obtain a visitor parking permit from the kiosk at the Welcome Center, located close to the D-lot (see campus map). Once you get the permit, you can park in the F-lot visitor parking spots, which provide easiest access to the GLE building entrance. It will be a ~5 minute walk to the GLE building. Our lab is on the second floor (GLE-3430) and the director's office is located at GLE-3429.
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